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GGG Co-Founder Lloyd joins Justin Outdoors once a month on the Gear Priority Podcast to chat with founders of some of our favorite cottage brands. Check out the most recent episode featuring Ben Bogler, creator of Bogler Trowels.

A seemingly simple shovel for digging a cathole to do your business, it turns out Bogler Trowels are ultra-engineered.


bogler Ultralight trowel backpacking Justin Outdoors Podcast


Every feature of the Bogler Trowel has a purpose. The holes in the handle are placed in such a way as to provide finger grip; while, of course, also cutting precious grams off the end product.

The shovel of the trowel features three serrated edges capable of cutting through the densest of roots and earth, while the minimalist handle is adorned with a plastic cap to increase comfort on your palm. If needed, you can also use the trowel as a stake, and even set a deadman’s anchor because of the holes. 

Bogler Trowels are made with lighter aircraft grade aluminum than its competition; the cottage brand is able to do so because Ben figured out how to build several of the specialized tools needed to bend and temper aluminum sheets.

bogler Ultralight trowel backpacking Justin Outdoors Podcast

Being the analytical engineer that he is, Ben knows to the minute how long it takes him to make a single trowel. It’s seven minutes, in case you were wondering. 

Want to learn more about Bogler Trowels and the engineer behind them? Join Lloyd, Justin and Ben for a fun, perhaps enlightening, convo ↓

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