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Excellent products

Innovative products that work. Great site.


I really love the concept of shopping small and supporting businesses that provide awesome cutting edge equipment all in one spot! Really awesome hub for great brands.

I Love GGG

This is the perfect place where you can come and find all the upcoming cottage companies. All in one place. All convenient and no outrageous markups. Constantly updated and rotating inventory as well.

Great hub for some of the best brands!

I was going to purchase a couple items from Amazon but found what I wanted and much more with GGG. I even ended up with a better deal, hell yeah! Glad to support a more local company!

Excited for New Gear!

In the midst of this pandemic, it is beyond exciting that I have new gear coming in the ultralight box. I already love a lot of the companies included and look forward to loving new ones!

First order placed at GGG

Looking forward to receiving my order. I am starting to purchase gear and accessories to backpack more! Great unique options to purchase. Thank you.

Kula cloth TP solution!

Kula Cloth,,,,Finally found the solution to sold out Toilet paper in the stores due to the Corona virus hoarding. Thank you for this selling a great product that hikers have been using for years.

Always Awesome

I have purchased two seasonal boxes (awesome value and goodies) and now purchased some instant coffee...which I found out about and tried in one of the boxes. Will come back looking for more in the future!

Review of GGG

Glad GGG exist. They are not only convenient, but I think it's great they are able to help expose cottage companies. I've bought items from them a few different times, and haven't been disappointed.

No muss, no fuss

Post hole digger for “pit” and a small bit of paper to verify mission accomplished.🤪

best portable bidet for travel

this is the only one i could find that would not require carrying a plastic bottle for this use alone. this is a great idea since you can use any bottle and then dispose of it when you are done.

Trail topia peach oatmeal

These trail topia meals are so good!!! Loving all the oatmeal flavors !!

I absolutely love these folks... Great products, awesome prices, quick delivery and a personal touch with each order!

Solid website for backpacking gear

Supporting small shops is amazing. GGG always has a new lineup of high quality gear. I know if a product is on GGG I can trust it. Happy to have a single site aggregating so many amazing cottage companies. Keep up the good work!

Love GGG

I enjoy reading and value the emails about new products from GGG. Great way to support cottage industry folks. The service is always great. Free shipping on $20 orders is an amazing service for a little company. Keep up the good work.

GGG is my new go to for camping food.

I’m on my 3rd order from GGG they are fast and professional. I’m starting now to look at shopping other products from their site.

Great shop with tons of gear

Great shop with tons of gear from smaller/lesser known brands in the outdoor industry. Also free shipping >$20!

Kula Pee Cloth

I love the Kula cloth! Recently came back from a backpack trip to Cumberland Island and it's so convenient to use. Much nicer than a bandana. With the Coronavirus19 and shortages of Toilet paper, I just ordered a second one. While one is drying in my bathroom, I can use the other one.

I have bought a lot of stuff from GGG and love supporting them and all the companies with unique items.

My two cents

My first order from Australia. Arrived reasonably quickly and was well packed. I would also like to add my congratulations to the GGG crew for running a website for emerging brands. It is always nice to be able to help new starters with great ideas and products. For the website, you might think of defining the word 'New'. I received an email about 4 new producers and when I went to the website, their stuff was mixed up with gear already on the site, under the 'NEW' heading. Maybe having a 'date added' or search functionality would help find the new new ahead of the older new (if you get my point). Cheers

Great Price & Service!

Just what I was looking for, and at a great price! Updated on status of order every step of the way, shipped very quickly. Very well packaged and even included a great little free gift that any backpacker would appreciate! Thank you!!! I will definitely shop here again!

Love finding all i need in one spot and supporting hikers

Anytime and can order hiking gear from hikers it is a must!.

Happy to support small companies!

Happy to have an easy way to access quality gear from small companies. Thank you, also, for not penalizing folks who live in far flung Alaska with exorbitant shipping rates.

Amazing quality gear from smaller brands

Love getting dehydrated meals from the brands GGG offers, they are very tasty & have much less sodium than the kind you usually find in outdoor retailer stores. Will be back for one of the ultralight packs offered here & am glad to support smaller gear businesses.

Gear you can use

I was really happy to see all the gear for sale on this website. It was organized and easy to shop. I ended up purchasing a Kula cloth. To get the free shipping, you have to purchase $20 or more so I also got a good deal on some backpacking food. thanks!

Good informative website.

Came across GGG on the web while looking for accessories to help improve my gear for long distance bicycle touring. I am a gear and equipment junky and little things can make a trip more enjoyable. I like that they promote the smaller companies and consolidating many products on one website makes it informative and easier to see what’s out there. “Not all who wander are lost”. Ride On!