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Garage Grown Gear
Theresa Yee
All the little things

I love supporting cottage industries and GGG has all the goodies in one place! Great selection and the gear reviews are very helpful!

Garage Grown Gear
Scott Kirkpatrick
Everything in one spot!! Winter Fat biking gear all set to roll.

I've been on the hunt for Polartec Alpha Direct for awhile. Finally found a hoody and loaded up on cooking gear for the winter fat biking season. Can stop and make a hot beverage anytime now. Also going to take with Snow biking in the Wy Backcountry for survival use.

What a good site to find during Black Friday!!

I came across this site while I was searching for water filters, specifically the Versa Flow filter & Vecto bag. When I saw they were on sale, I knew I'd have to buy them here, and then I skimmed through the rest of the gear here, and wow! What a great assortment of UL and cottage brand gear. I will definitely be recommending this website to my friends.

Garage Grown Gear
James Augustine
Great gear at a great price!

I love that GGG has grown and has so much to offer! Great customer service and total purchase experience.

Garage Grown Gear
Mary Riffee
You folks ROCK!!

you have a great selection, useful information and good pricing. Thank you so much!

Garage Grown Gear
Jeff Fritz
Unbeatable selection of useful gear!

This site is pretty darn amazing. Lots of interesting gear you didn't (or did, but didn't know someone actually made it) know you needed. Great gear, great prices, great service! Absolutely my favorite niche site!

Garage Grown Gear
Garrett W Anderson

GGG is pretty doggone spectacular! I've rolled up to a few spots that had boxes; BOXES of UL toothbrushes that I can only assume these mad dogs donated to ensure the cleanliness of our maxillary and mandibular dentes. These fools continue to grow, and continue to sale some good stuff. You want UL umbrellas, we got you. You want some titanium cookware to get your grub on? Youbetcha! You need some cuben fiber stuff sacks, well, we call it by something else now, but sure, why not. How about a fanny pack? Well, we've got your fanny, back! I've spent some francs on this website in the past, and I'll be sure to spend some more in the future. Rumor has it, the Lemurians are so active lately because they can't get enough of GGG's sick dealz.

Garage Grown Gear
Brad Frost
Great Service…Great team!

Older backpacker that section hiked the PCT. This company is dependable and trustworthy. Can not go wrong using them.

Newly Found GGG

So happy to find this site - love the support of small businesses. Interesting selection. Looking forward to the arrival of my purchases.

Fast and Easy

Very simple and smooth shopping experience. Excellent Black Friday deals and will keep my eye on what they have going forward!

Awesome find

Wow, I wish I knew about this website earlier, it has everything you need in one place, and you get to support many smaller companies! A great alternative to Amazon

Garage Grown Gear

身為亞洲人能用合理的價格買到喜歡的商品 很喜歡

What a great resource for hiking gear

Great selection, assortment of new and ultralight gear. So fund just to show and learn about products.

Great transparent company

Really like how GGG gathered all the essentials for my mountaineering needs. If I ever need anything I know I can get it here!
Also superb job at communicating out deals for Black Friday. Simple transparent messaging that helps me figure out when I should purchase.


I’ve purchased through ggg multiple times already and every time it’s been super easy with excellent customer service. I even bought some gear on my AT thru hike and ggg shipped me an item that I really needed super quickly without charging me extra. What an awesome company

Garage Grown Gear
Guillaume SOYER
Smoth shopping

Love the store and their commitment to small companies !

Convenient place for multiple brands

I think it’s great that there’s a place to go to buy a variety of cottage brands. The frequency of out of stock items is a little frustrating, but understanding considering the whole point is that they stock small company items.

Great options, fast delivery

Have enjoyed shopping on GGG's store a few times. I like the wide selection of options that are hard to find. Each of my previous orders have shipped fast. Thanks for the gift sticker!

Still the best for small businesses

I've had great luck using GGG! They're very helpful and have a great collection of gear available!

Garage Grown Gear
Frances Chan
Excellent Product Selection

I am amazed at the product selection and prices. It makes me want to come back for more!

Garage Grown Gear
Nikola Guscic
Well curated and easy

GGG has introduced me to brands and products I was aware of previously. Bonus mini toothbrushes are always appreciated. It has become my go to for gear purchases.

Garage Grown Gear
Jesse Beaman
Perfectly Curated

I know I can trust GGG products to be great because they've curated a great mix of makers and brands who deliver high value goods.

Garage Grown Gear
Grand Daddy Dos

I really like the selection of outdoor items you carry. The price is usually pretty good. Customer service is always quick to respond and FREE shipping. Cant beat that.

Garage Grown Gear
Robert Scaldino
Good Selection of Gear for hiking

Good selection of products
Good prices.
Good customer service.
Fast shipping.

Great company

Great collection of light gear. Also excellent and "reasonable" customer service. I returned something in past and they worked with me to work things out. Appreciate that and will come back again because of it (and the good gear!). Like supporting the cottage industries.