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International shipping with no problems

Shipped promptly to Germany with no damage or onyx problems whatsoever. Thanks GGG

Very satisfied

I like to support small business and GGG came through. They had everything I was looking for at the right price and delivery was quick and on time. I'll definitely order from them again.

Garage Grown Gear
Glad Hiker

Just discovered a billion brands here that i've never heard of. So cool! Hard to imagine I've been shopping elsewhere for stuff...

GGG cannot properly fill orders

My first order was not filled correctly. Ordered 4 of an item and only received 3. GGG correctly sent the missing item promptly. No big deal. Mistakes happen. My second order was also not filled correctly. GGG sent me the wrong 900ml Toaks pot. There are two 900ml Toaks pots, 115mm and 130mm. I was sent the 130mm instead of the 115mm. Contact me if you cannot correctly fill my order. Return is in process.

Quality control on filling orders is lacking. GGG will not be m first choice website going forward. Good luck.

Hey David! Sorry to hear we've made a couple consecutive mistakes here. That sucks and it's certainly something we really hate to hear as we put a TON of effort into not making mistakes with fullfillment! So you know, everything we ship gets checked twice: once by the person picking the order and once by the person who is packing it. That obviously doesn't mean we don't still make mistakes (clearly we goofed on your orders), but it means we catch most issues before they get shipped. This is 100% an area we are always trying to improve on and again... apologies for the frustrating customer experience. I hope you get the correct pot and put it to some good use this summer!

All the best,


One Stop Shop!

The one stop shop for all your ultralight backpacking needs. If you aren’t getting your ultralight backpacking gear from GGG, are you even backpacking ultralight!!?

Personalized touch

After taking all the items out of the box, I was looking over the order details and saw that they left me a personalized note, that put a smile on my face. I will definitely be shopping here again.

Second to none customer service

They have the best ultralight backing gear, and I'm frequently checking for the newest products that i didn't know i needed. Customer service is as good as it gets.

The Little Things

I have purchased some small items for my next backpacking trip from Garage Grown Gear. As a mountain guide (past owner of Aspen Alpine Guides and a 30-year NOLS Instructor), I realize that it's the little things that can make or break a backpacking expedition. Garage Grown Gear has those little things. Please support this incredible company. Thank you!

Awesome Customer Service & Products

I am consistently checking GGG for all the new an innovative, lightweight products. For example, the toothbrush head that goes on a long spoon. I also appreciate the cleaner ingredient food offerings they have like Trail Butter that doesn't have palm oil in it. Thanks, GGG. Keep doing what you're doing.

GGG is amazing

So, I am military and fairly new to the UL ways of thinking. Ordinarily we pack everything we need for any possible contingency. So I possess a lot of camping gear but none of it is very lightweight. GGG has made hiking with my son enjoyable as I was easily able to get my base weight down from 30-35 lbs (hey I'm used to carrying way more) to 12 lbs. The pricing is pretty competitive, the reviews are honest and useful, and I haven't had any reason to deal with customer service but from what I've read they're pretty top notch. Although I may not do all of my shopping here it has given me a single place to at least compare different pieces and the overall majority of everything I'm looking for is in one place. When I'm researching a new piece of gear this is the site that I compare everything against due to the excellent selection. I plan on doing some more shopping here as I delve further into how I use the equipment I do have and to lighten my load. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.
P.S I left the 1 star because they are typically the ones I go to first but I would give them 5 stars if people cared as much about them.

Ha! Well thanks for the kind words Jason! We'll happily recieve this 1 star review from you :)

Really wonderful to hear that GGG has been helpful in your gear journey, and we super appreciate your support. I think GGG's love laungage is words of affirmation, so thanks for taking the time to share your experience!!

Hope your summer is going well!


Go to shop for UL

GGG is my go-to-shop for everything UL-backpacking. This is vhere new stuff emerges from the small garages out there - feels nice ti support small startups too.

All the best stuff

GGG has everything you need to lighten your pack weight in the outdoors. Shipping is fast and all the brands they carry are top notch. This is the only place to find all the awesome lesser known brands without spending hours researching.

Great Service

Had a question about a pack. Received a fast lengthy detailed response from Customer Service. I would typically prefer the small local brick and mortar store but the big box stores moved in and put them out of business. I don’t like most of the gear the big stores sell but GGG has a good selection of what I’m looking for. Their customer service is as good as what I’ve had with the local guys before they closed shop. I’ll always check here first going forward.


Se above-mentioned

Way better than REI

GGG is the BEST backpacking store. They sell way better gear than places like REI.

Leaving civilization, that's alright with me

Getting into shape ... bones are cracking.
But, that's life. Been planning this all my life.
My best friend pass away in California in the Sheriff department. Great guy, spoke the truth and never swear. A real man. I heard he learn scuba. The department honor him and California. Thank you Sheriff department.
He was great friend.
Well C.K., going forward on this one.
I'll meet you, one day on the trail.
Don't worry, I'll look up Nancy one day.
To the man in blue.
Honor them, Aloha.

UL Budget Gear

I love finding small companies that make amazing gear and this site makes it even easier! Thank you!!!

I have bought several items from you all and always been very satisfied. Really like supporting small startups.

Fantastic store

I'm finding odds and ends. And small items, making hiking and camping enjoyable. Thank you GGG.
By the way ?? Your t-shirt is awesome. Looks great and fits great.
Thank you staff,
Aloha Wes

THANK YOU Wes!!! We so appreciate the support you show GGG and our family of small brands. None of this would be possible if it weren't for amazing folks like you!!!

Have a great weekend!


Help with order

I received my order, but it had been damaged during shipping. I notified GGG and they contacted me quickly. They verified what was missing or damaged during shipping. They mailed out the missing pieces immediately. They contacted me a couple of times to be sure my order was filled properly. Great customer service!!!!!!!

Terrific service and great items

Even though I live in Seattle where there are a lot of outfitters like OR and MSR/Thermarest and REI and many others and gear shops, both new and used, I find some great items I can’t get elsewhere.

My last order from them was without issue. They are great!

Getting ready

Finally retired, took care my family.
Now, getting ready for adventure. Traveling, hiking, and camping. Going to enjoy mother nature's beauty. Looking foward to seeing sunset and sun down without noise and traffic smog.
Thank you GGG and staff.
Peace to all, good will to fellow travelers.
Aloha, Wes

Great and creative gear

When I think of an idea to improve my backpacking kit, I look at Garage Grown Gear first because someone else has usually encountered my problem and solved it. Thanks for taking the risk of stocking creative stuff that works!

Thanks GGG

Shopping at GGG is always a pleasure. Thanks GGG.

A great site for so many outdoors related things

GGG is a great aggregator. It’s a one stop shop for a wide variety of small items—for example tiny packets of mustard, different innovative backpacking foods, tiny spray bottles and the like. But it’s also got a wide variety of higher ticket items as well: e.g., Alpha Direct from several different companies in several different weights. Sometime I come to the site knowing exactly what I need and GGG has it. Other times, when browsing the “New” section, I discover things I didn’t know about that turn out to be super useful. Plus I love the articles about the different cottage manufacturers.