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Great small small companies, and very useful!

Love the all the small companies, and supporting other hikers as they venture out. Great company for ultra light and shipping is great. Thank You for all you do!

Glad to be able to order and discover small companies in one easy to use store

Thank you GGG as I wouldnt have found out about some of these places, or I wouldnt have been able to order these items all at once! I am glad you all are here.

Pretentious much?

I'm just glad I'm not shopping with Amazon anymore. People helping people is what it's all about. And free stickers!

Great Concept, Great Selection, Great Quality

GGG has the stuff I'm looking for from small manufacturers. And it's top quality that I can rely on.

So happy to shop local!

I love the selection and eye to quality at GGG, and I'm so happy to be able to purchase from a Minneapolis business! I can't wait to shop in person.

Love to shop GG

I love all of the products I have purchased from GG but I especially appreciate how easy the website is to use. Way to go guys!!!!

The Ultralight Gear Shopping Mall

I love GGG because they've got high quality gear from a wide variety of companies all under one roof… So instead of making a lot of minimal purchases from different companies and racking up a lot of shipping cost… I get all my gear here and bundle it all together and get free shipping... and no hassles... The website is easy to use too!

Customer for life!

Just a quick thank you!

I am a new customer this year and have ordered few items from you over the last few months.
Just want to let you know how impressed I am with your company, selection, prices, overall information on everything, and the outstanding customer service.

You have a customer for life!

Bill Miller
Marine on St Croix, Minnesota

Does the job

I think every "thing" can do the job or not, or it can go beyond. This does the job .... but does not go beyond. To go beyond it would have a loop somewhere so that it can be attached to a bottle or back pack or whatever ... so that it doesn't get lost; it would have more bottle sizes to attach to; it would have an indicator of direction of spray, (colored arrow or pointy shape) instead of looking for a dark opening in dark plastic. Lastly, it inserts into a bottle opening with rubber O rings, so, although it never happened, I wonder if it will fly out if I squeeze the bottle too hard; perhaps having screw attachment (with adapters for different screws sizes) instead of a plug-like attachment.

Cnoc Vecto 2L water container

I am very happy for my purchase.After many hours spended online I got a site where I can order Cnoc Vecto with no problem. Even on Amazon this product is unavailable. But here I order it...future user review is coming soone.

One-stop shop

Happy to see so many of the best ultralight brands under one roof.

First stop

GGG is the first place I go for ultralight hiking gear. Their payment, shipping and customer service is one of the best out there. I love every product I have ordered. Keep being awesome. I will keep coming back.

I love to see what Garage Grown has that is new. I have never been disappointed in any of my orders.

CDN Shipping- ouch

Came here for Food for the Sole meals. Hard to find meals. But the Cdn shipping prices, ouch guys! Thought you could offer free shipping for a $250+ meal order. Hope you can help us backcountry vegans, keep the meals coming.

Hey there Melissa! We certainly wish we could offer free international shipping, but unfortunately it’s just not something that we can manage at this time. As you noted, it’s expensive, and with food being pretty heavy, meals are some of the most costly items to ship. We are constantly exploring ways to reduce international shipping costs for our community, so hopefully we can find a way to reduce these costs in the future!

Came for the Trail Butter, stayed for the sit pads

Love the Trail Butter and all the different dehydrated meals GGG offers from smaller brands. They are so tasty and haven't ever given me mid-day trail poop attacks like Mtn House does. That is an experience worth paying for!

Support the Little Guys!

Great to find a place that is as easy & convenient to shop with great products at reasonable prices. Feels good to buy products made in the USA and support the entrepreneurs who designed and made them!

Convenient and easy to use. Love supprting small business.

Worthy of all the great reviews!

I can only speak to the food items as I use GGG for helping me supply my food on all my long thru-hikes. Love that GGG works with smaller companies AND is usually even cheaper than any other ordering option. Great quality products and the free shipping on anything over $20 is a refreshing change as it allows me to order only what I need. Customer service (when asking about restocks etc.) has always been top-notch. Highly recommend! Thanks GGG!

One-of-a Kind

Love the great selection and alerts when gear is back in stock. I am amazed at all the small companies that I have discovered through GGG. I just made a purchase from a LGBTQ store. How cool is that?!

GGG Best UL shopping site!

GGG is my go to UL shopping site. Not only can I shop UL but I can support small / start up businesses. The GGG staff is very customer service friendly, any question is answered immediately. Their site selection is great and prices are great. Free shipping is great bonus as well.

Great Selections and Prices

I like to buy from here because there is a variety of gear to choose from different cottage companies which I prefer to support. I also like the prices which are less expensive and quality just as good as the big name brand companies.

Quality over Quantity

Just placed my first order with Garage Grown Gear and am thrilled to support the small cottage industry of the backpacking world. The site is friendly, competitively priced, and I love the selection of curated and vetted products for both the seasoned as well as newbie backpacker.

don't forget the small guys

Amazing way to make shopping from small businesses accessible, go GGG!

Great company!

I love that GGG has all sorts of cottage company backpacking gear in one location. I can trust the products in their shop are some of the best on the market even if I haven’t tried them myself and the customer service is great! They even put personalized messages in your order showing how much they care.

Love GGG!

Finally a site that supports small homegrown businesses. I always try to buy from here first.