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GGG is a store and magazine dedicated to ultralight and cottage outdoor gear. Our store sells lightweight backpacking and thru-hiking gear, accessories, clothing and food; and our online magazine shares the stories behind the cottage brands sold through GGG, as well as features gear reviews and ‘trail talk’ articles written by hikers in our community. 

New products and businesses are the culmination of thousands of hours of thinking, planning, and dreaming, and by supporting their development, you are supporting real people with real aspirations. We believe there is something inherently wonderful about feeling connected to the outdoor gear that enables our adventures — in much the same way that the ‘farm to table’ ethos allows us to feel connected to the food we put in our bodies. 

Ultralight and cottage brands spark fresh conversation within the outdoor industry. These small, nimble brands are able to innovate — and iterate — much quicker than the behemoth companies sold through big box stores. Also, because they’re founded and run by people who are passionate about hiking, backpacking and adventuring, first-hand experience in the field informs the products that get created.  

Split between offices in St. Paul, Minnesota and Driggs, Idaho (in-store shopping is available in St. Paul only), GGG is known for its commitment to providing quality UL gear, stellar customer service, and free shipping and returns over $40. 

Ever have a question about any of the brands or products we carry? Is there a company you think we should work with? Don’t hesitate to drop us a message ( and let us know! Also, be sure to check out our customer testimonials! And, if you’re curious, GGG’s own startup story shares the full nitty gritty details on how we came into existence! 

All our Best, 
— Lloyd, Amy, Adam, Katya, Kelsey, Ned, Tyler & Jansen




Lloyd Vogel — Co-Founder


Lloyd was born and raised in the booming metropolis of Milwaukee, Wisconsin! He discovered his love of kayaking along the shores of Lake Michigan, and spends his ever diminishing free time kayaking, backpacking, playing ultimate frisbee, and eating disproportionally large meals.

Lloyd got his start in business through Big Outdoors, which merged with Garage Grown Gear in March 2017. Prior to that he was a special education teacher and guide. While the world of startups and education are plenty different, a background in herding kittens has helped him in both professional pursuits.

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Amy Hatch — Co-Founder

Amy Hatch GGG Garage Grown Gear

Amy got her start in business when she launched Jackson Hole Packraft. Through it she learned how to start, run and ultimately sell a business. She also gained the confidence to launch a larger venture ... er, umm ... adventure. 

Amy's background is in journalism. She ran a community newspaper at age 23 and worked as a producer at Alaska's leading broadcast news station. 

When not tapping away at the keyboard, Amy can be found playing Connect Four with her daughter, watching James Bond movies with her husband, and drinking really good coffee. She also loves backpacking, trail running, mountain biking and skate skiing ... but above all backcountry skiing. And, that, is why she calls the Tetons home.

Favorite piece of trail gear? Purple Rain Skirt. "Wear it backpacking and packrafting, or to music festivals and networking events. Best pockets ever. And love the yoga-style waistband"