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    We are the experts on outdoor gear startups.

    We devote 110% of our energy to finding cool new brands, getting to know the people behind them and testing their gear.

    We geek out on Kickstarter and “wouldn’t it be cool if” moments.

    We’re passionate about giving the little guys a voice in a world dominated by big box.

    We love helping people figure out what’s good and what’s crap.

    We share stories and reviews in our online magazine. We sell our favorite gear from early stage brands in our e-commerce store. 

    We’re on a mission to inspire people to get outside – because when you have that cool new piece of gear, you go outside to use it. We call it "the gear bump.”

    We walk the talk. We regularly ski backcountry laps before work, recover from ultramarathons and adventure races at our desk, and take time off to explore wild places.

    We're real people who care a whole heck of a lot about you, our customers. We can be reached at


    Our Story

    Several years ago I got deeply involved in the sport of packrafting. I was in awe of these lightweight, inflatable boats. I started looking at maps in a new way, seeing rivers as travel corridors, rather than obstacles. But, more importantly, I started looking at my outdoor gear in a new way. 

    Here were these crazy cool, innovative boats basically created out of a garage. What else like that is out there, I wondered. And, so my journey began. I obsessively pored over blogs, combed through forums, and stopped random passersby to ask about their gear. 

    Before long I found myself on a mission: to become the expert on outdoor gear startups ... and share my beta with you. 

    We've grown from my kitchen counter to a kick @$$ team of four people. But what hasn't changed is that mission. 

    Welcome to Garage Grown Gear. 


    Amy Hatch - Founder 




    Meet the Team 

    Lloyd Vogel - Likes Gear. Lots of it.

    Lloyd was born and raised in the booming metropolis of Milwaukee, Wisconsin! He discovered his love of kayaking along the shores of Lake Michigan, and spends his ever diminishing free time kayaking, backpacking, playing ultimate frisbee, and eating disproportionally large meals.

    Lloyd got his start in business through Big Outdoors, which merged with Garage Grown Gear in March 2017. Prior to that he was a special education teacher. While the world of startups and education are plenty different, a background in herding kittens has helped him in both professional pursuits. 

    Favorite piece of trail gear?
    The Hiker fanny pack by Thru. Hands down. Nothing keeps you more organized and more fashionable. You won’t catch me on trail without it!”


    Amy Hatch – Geeks out on content marketing

    Amy got her start in business when she launched Jackson Hole Packraft. Through it she learned how to start, run and ultimately sell a business. She also gained the confidence to launch a larger venture ... er, umm ... adventure.

    Amy's background is in journalism. She ran a community newspaper at age 23 and worked as a producer at Alaska's leading broadcast news station. 

    When not tapping away at the key board, Amy can be found playing with her daughter, drinking coffee and training for adventure races. She loves trail running, mountain biking and skate skiing ... but above all backcountry skiing. And, that, is why she calls the Tetons home.

    Garage Grown Gear Store Favorite: Purple Rain Skirt. "Wear it backpacking and packrafting, or to music festivals and networking events. Best pockets ever. And love the yoga-style waistband"




    Brooks Bostick - The guy who knows what's up with all that jargon (SEO, site dev, KPIs, UX, etc.) 

    If you can't find Brooks tucked behind a melange of screens spewing stats, analytics, and trend lines, you'll have to look for him on a pair of skis, a bike, a paddleboard or a climbing rope. He hails from South Carolina but currently calls Colorado home, where he can help make the Garage Grown Gear store experience awesome for you, and also sneak outside for a quick run. 

    Gear that makes him want to try something new: Hyperlite Mountain Gear's 3400 Windrider pack. "Backpacking has never been my thing, but just looking at Hyperlite's line of packs and shelters makes me want to start."