Guess who? Humans of Outdoor Retailer!

Lloyd Vogel

This isn't your ordinary blog post. Its a "highly" complex matching game that will test your powers of observation! Below we have 9 pictures full of interesting humans we encountered while roaming around the world's largest outdoor recreation expo: Outdoor Retailer (OR)!

Can you identify these wondrous people and the brands they've helped create? Some will be easy (like incredibly easy), and some will be tough! Good Luck, and let us know how many you got right in the comments!


1. These two badass Humans of Outdoor Retailer share the EXACT SAME FIRST NAME! Ok they have different spellings, but they sound the same! With that in common, they also both work to power one of the coolest and most empowering female focused brands of the market!  

Coalition Snow Jen Gurecki

Answer: Jenn Sheridan and Jen Gurecki - Coalition Snow


2. Fresh off of Kickstarter, these 2 strapping gentlemen are stoked to be bringing some awesome new down jackets to market! Recently added to GGG, I probably walked by their booth about 1,000,000 times on my way to the food trucks. 

Himali Davre Tendi

Answer: Tendi Sherpa and Dave Schaeffer - Himali


3. This Human of OR is all about light, comfortable, and packable shoes! Sure he might have the same name as my dad, but this former teacher (and almost professional Arena Football player) is the self proclaimed "Wholesaler of the Seven Seas!"

Steve Perna Lems Shoes

Answer: Steve Perna - Lems Shoes


4. These humans are having their first experience boothing at OR, and have kept themselves quite busy! Avid skiers and a colorado power couple, these 2 have a product that will soon be on GGG! 

Snow Shed Wax Co

Answer: Peter and Anna Arlein - Snow Shed Wax Co.


5. Don't use tape around these two as they are locked and loaded. With an obsession for cool art and properly repaired gear, these two certainly win the "have the most fun at OR" award!

Noso Patches

Answer: Kelli Jones and Erica Rice - Noso Patches


6. This dude is a legend and its not because of his hair (ok - maybe partly because of the hair). While basic literacy is the only barrier towards a correct guess of this guy's barefooted identity, him and his wife have their own jogging bobble heads!

Steven Sashen Xero Shoes

Answer: Steven Sashen - Xero Shoes


7. There are nice humans, and then there is this guy. A truly wonderful human of OR, this gentleman doesn't run SW Meadow... he runs __________ !

NW Alpine Bill Amos

Answer: Bill Amos - NW Alpine


8. These Humans of OR are all about protecting your face! Can you spot the third person? Don't worry we won't expect you to get their name.

Ski Balm

Answer: Mary Beth and Danielle Mann - Ski Balm 


9. I've always heard wonderful things about people who live in Maine, and so far, it all seem to be true! These guys are great and make some incredibly taste Noms! 

Answer: Good To-Go Team - Good To Go Meals

Coalition snowGood to-goHimaliLems shoesNoso patchesNw alpineOutdoor retailerSki balmSnow shed wax coTrends & top 10Xero shoes




Great blog post! Thank you for bestowing the “Having Most Fun at OR” award upon the Ladies of Noso.

Noso Patches- Permanent gear repair. No sewing, no ironing required with fabric, not tape!



Fun article, Lloyd.

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