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    Ski Balm

    Bill D'Alessandro was working at a tech company in Denver when a huge storm dumped powder in the mountains. He did what any avid skier would do: he called in sick to work. A phenomenal day on the slopes left him wind burned and with a serious case of raccoon eyes. “I was totally busted,” he said. His boss was cool about it, but it did get D'Alessandro thinking about ways to protect your skin from the harsh sun, wind and cold.

    With a background in skin care, he soon got to work creating a product formulated specifically for skiers and riders. It took two years and a lot of trial and error to develop what is today the Original Ski Balm formula. Original Ski Balm offers 40 SPF sun protection, is non-greasy, and creates a thin microscopic layer on the skin that keeps off wind and locks in moisture.