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Unquestionably, one of the best parts of my job here at Garage Grown Gear is product testing. I’m always amazed at what ordinary folks think up, and then turn into a reality.

While every single piece of gear available on GGG has been vetted and hand-selected, each of us on the team has a few favorites. Today, I thought I would share mine.

Skida Alpine Hat

Photo by Lara Agnew Photography

My Skida Alpine Hat is literally on my head every ... single ... day (October through May)! It’s taken on something akin to a security blanket for me. The fleece lining makes it cozy; the bright, colorful pattern makes it friendly; and I love that it was sewn in Vermont. (Note: my 4-Season Give’r Gloves also pictured here are a trusted, loyal companion.)





Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Windrider Pack & 2-person UltaMid Shelter

What can I say ... Hyperlite Mountain Gear makes it best. I’ve had my Hyperlite packs for 5+ years and by treating them with some respect, they’re still going strong. And, on my last two backpacking trips, I’ve been fortunate to be able to barrow a 2-person UltaMid Shelter from a friend. I now have a serious case of Mid fever. It is the #1 item I want to buy on GGG ... and if Santa delivers, I may just be a Mid owner before year’s end.





Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress  

The first time I saw the Kind Apparel Sol Fleece Dress I was enchanted.  Living in the Tetons, stylish, functional winter wear gets a lot of mileage – the Sol Dress is that and then some. And, it doesn’t hurt that people comment on it all the time. Even my husband and mom have separately told me, “Wow, Amy, that’s so you!” The icing on the cake? Kind Apparel is made in Montana from recycled and upcycled materials.





Liquid Hardware Aurora Mug

I’m the person who always orders my coffee “extra hot.” And I like it to stay that way. The Liquid Hardware Aurora Mug does that ... to a point that verges on magic. My coffee from 8 am still manages to be the perfect temperature at 2 pm, no re-heating involved. And, iced drinks will last even longer in this mug. Literally every person I know who has ever tried this mug is blown away by how amazing it is.





Flowfold Stormproof Conductor Duffle Bag

I’m admittedly a bag person. Back in my 20s when I traveled the world, bags were the souvenirs I always ended up buying. But, boy, do I like the Flowfold Stormproof Conductor Duffle Bag. I use it all the time for everything ... travel, going to the gym, ski gear, bike gear and more. You can read my full ode to this bag here. (Also pictured here ... the aforementioned Liquid Hardware Aurora Mug.)





Rad Dog Release N Run Leash

The Rad Dog Release N Run Leash might be the most brilliant product ever created ... in my humble opinion. It’s become my dog’s daily collar. I so appreciate not having to think about carrying a leash with me anymore, because my mostly free range mutt always carries it with him. Whether I’m walking past a steak house or encounter a moose on trail, I love having a way to quickly and easily restrain my pup.  





Coalition SOS Skis

I so appreciate that Coalition Snow is creating the antidote to “pink and shrink it.” This women-specific ski and snowboard company makes burly sticks that are tailored to female body types. I have a pair of the SOS All Mountain Skis ... and they’re totally the one quiver wonder. They rip on groomers, powder, dust on crust, slush and everything in between (Read my full Coalition SOS review here.)





Purple Rain Adventure Skirt

My Purple Rain Adventure Skirt has become my go to for backcountry travel. I’ve worn it in places like the Wind Rivers and Bob Marshall. The yoga style waist band, big pockets, and durable but stretchy fabric make it ideal for adventuring. But the cool part is that I also wear this skirt in professional settings, like networking events. It’s that versatile!





Territory Run Co. All Day Performance Tee

The Territory Run Co. All Day Performance Tee is soooo soft and comfortable that you would never know it’s made from recycled plastic. I wear it around town and for sports like running and backpacking. Its design in subtle yet speaks to one of my core values ... running because it’s fun, not because it burns calories.  Also, this shirt, amazingly, doesn’t retain odors the way other synthetics tend to.





Garage Grown Gear Lightweight EDC Gloves

We created the Garage Grown Gear Lightweight EDC Gloves with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer. And while it doesn’t hurt that I had a hand in designing them, I sure do like these premium cow leather unlined gloves. I wear them while I’m driving, doing errands, running, mountain biking, camping and more. They allow for tremendous dexterity and grip ... and are – best of all – are inscribed with my name so no friends “accidentally” barrow them.





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