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    Fast-forward through miles of trails, rivers and mountain passes, Vince started to slowly pack away the food that was being offered to outdoor adventurists, and started making his own. It began with a few re-sealable bags, some oatmeal, and a variety of dried fruits for breakfast. Then it was homemade desserts tweaked from family recipes (these will seriously make you melt in your hiking boots). Then it was lunches made with flavored noodles, doubled up with options made for gluten-free friends.

    Over time, the demand from his fellow Trailtopians grew. With an innate intuition to invent and create, his food was better than anything else on the trail. In 2013, on an annual backpacking trip (this time to Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains), the idea to share Vince’s backpacking food with others happened as naturally as the ingredients themselves, and Trailtopia Adventure Food was born. Today, we are a family-run company with the help of our friends and fellow adventurists… and Vince’s spaceship espresso machine. And we love our product.