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    Shamma Sandals

    Shamma is dedicated to improving their sandals forever. They don’t over-engineer their products, instead they make careful decisions about their designs, materials, and all-USA suppliers. Their sandals are zero drop from heel to toe, with secure and easy to use lacing systems. They move with your feet, without slipping or tripping you up.

    Shamma makes sandals that are not over-engineered or floppy. They don’t force your toes to hold on for dear life. Sliding around in your sandals unable to feel the ground is not comfortable, a performance fit is!

    Shamma wants to provide the best fit and performance available for the most natural feel. Shamma doesn't make flip-flops, they make sandals. Shamma's goal is to make the best minimalist sandals available, to give you an unparalleled experience in your moments of adventure and leisure.