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    A few years ago, Marek Bowers was feeling the full brunt of plantar fasciitis and back pain. After a friend introduced Marek to the concept of "rolling out" with a rubber lacrosse ball, he was floored by the improvements that such a simple practice could make. With a consistent, daily self-care practice of rolling out his feet and back, Marek's pain went from unbearable to non-existent. The tool--a hard rubber ball--was easy and brilliant (plus it kept him off the anti-inflammatories). However, it was heavy and made of a hodgepodge of questionable materials. 

    As a backpacker, a hiker, a climber and a mountaineer, Marek decided that he HAD TO to carry a ball in his pack to continue his daily self-care routine on the trail. But that ball needed to be ultra lightweight and made of a material that was good for the planet. And with that, Rawlogy came to be. When Marek went looking for a raw material that was lightweight, natural and durable, he found CORK. He took it a step further by looking for a way to make a new product out of something that would otherwise be thrown away (wine corks), resulting in upcycled cork massage balls.