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    Hawbuck Wallets

    Hawbuck is a little project founder Wes Cox cooked up by accident. He needed a better wallet and couldn’t find what he wanted. Wes is an industrial designer, so he figured he'd tackle the problem. Also, Wes has too many sewing machines in his workshop. Making and selling some things helps justify their existence.

    The biggest reason for doing this is he's proud of the design and wants it to get out there.  

    As far as he can tell, "hawbuck" means something between "vagabond" and "bumpkin", which works for Wes. It's an old word---"hawbuck" is potentially the root of the word "hobo" which is kind of cool. Now, some people will tell you that “Ho-Bo” was short for “Homeward Bound” post-war, but tell them no, “Hawbuck.”