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    Greenbelly Meals

    Chris Cage quit his accounting job back in 2012 to pursue a two-year adventure. 10,000 miles backpacking through Asia doing everything from teaching English in Thailand to volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia. Then a 3,000 mile bicycle tour of New Zealand. And finally, 6 months hiking the 2,185 miles long Appalachian Trail.

    Nutrition was a constant struggle. On the road, getting a proper balance of nutrients required extensive preparation and meal planning. Fast food was unhealthy, fresh fruit was perishable, protein bars weren't filling and cooking was messy and time-consuming. Creating the perfect backpacking meal became Chris' mission.

    After working with a food scientist and sampling countless recipes, Greenbelly was born in 2014. They now have four tasty flavors in a convenient, non-cook, meal bar form. Using all natural ingredients, each meal provides approximately ⅓ of your daily value for six core nutrients: Calories, Carbohydrates, Fats, Fiber, Sodium and Protein. Yes!