The Cache: The Coolest Gear from OR, Old School Moss Tents, Hike Naked Day, and 1.1oz Eco Silpoly!

The CacheLloyd Vogel

Enjoyed the first installment of The Cache? Well here is week 2! This bi-weekly article will focus on keeping you updated on what's happening within the ultralight and outdoor community. We'll primarily highlight new product releases, notable events, new brands, funny memes, entertaining videos, and generally anything we think is particularly interesting or notable. This week we look at: the coolest gear from OR, old school Moss Tents, Hike Naked Day, and 1.1oz eco silpoly!


Coolest Gear from Summer Outdoor Retailer!

Summer Outdoor Retailer was a whirlwind as expected. With tens of thousands of people, thousands of brands, and hundreds of new product releases, there were plenty of conversations to be had and gear to be devoured. Interested in checking out some of the coolest products on the show floor? Check out Section Hiker's Editor's Choice Gear Picks. From the Hilleberg Anaris 2P Trekking Pole Tent to the Rab Mythic Sleeping Bag, there is a lot of new cool gear to ogle.

Check out Section Hiker's favorite gear from Summer Outdoor Retailer 2019



History Lesson: Moss Tents

Familiar with Bill Moss and Moss Tents? While long ago absorbed by MSR/Cascade Designs, Bill Moss and Moss Tents were at the forefront of tent design in the '50s and '60s. While only a couple of their tents are still available on Ebay, the designs they pioneered and the tenting principles they championed are very much alive! I stumbled into them this week and figured I'd share. Certainly makes you wonder about how many small cottage companies existed pre-internet!

Learn more about Bill Moss and the history of Moss Tents



Hike Naked Day!

For those of you who don't know... June 21st was Hike Naked Day. It's a day to turn your worn weight into base weight, and an opportunity to catch some rays in spots that rarely see the sun! While this international holiday is celebrated on trails across the world, it's certainly embraced by a solid number of PCT thru-hikers. Note: Clicking the below link will redirect you to images of beautiful outdoors people enjoying the freedom of being naked outside. If butts and bare bodies offend you, move along!

Read Outside's Eastern Califonia coverage of Hike Naked Day!



100% Recycled Polyester - 1.1oz Eco Silpoly 

Terra Rosa Gear just created its first tarps out of 100% recycled 1.1oz eco silpoly. Sweet right? These 10x10 foot tarps weigh in at 16oz, and will be available for purchase imminently! Props to Ripstop by the Roll for keeping an eye towards sustainability!

While not listed on their site yet... Stay tuned on the Terra Rosa Gear Website!


Just for Kicks: Boots McFarland 


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