Rad Dog Release N Run Review: Collar with Built-In Retractable Leash

Austin Lynch

RAD Dog Release N Run Review Collar with Built-In Retractable Leash

Here’s the thing ...  I love dogs (a lot), but am not ready to take on the responsibility of caring for another living being. Fortunately for me, my sister, Hanna, just adopted a husky named Nova.

Hanna has been getting all sorts of great new dog gear from Garage Grown Gear, including the rather ingenious Release N Run Leash by Rad Dog. While I’m the one putting words to paper for this review, my sister provided significant input.


Release N Run Overview

The Rad Dog Release N Run Leash is essentially a collar that houses a thin, retractable leash. The idea behind this is to simplify the transition between on-leash and off-leash activities. The leash itself is four feet long and is on tension to automatically retract when released. Because it is a separate collar, it needs to either be used over the top of your pup’s existing collar, or you can move your dog’s tags to the Release N Run and make it his/her primary collar.

RAD Dog Release N Run Review Collar with Built-In Retractable Leash

Release N Run Pros

  • The retracting mechanism moves smoothly and tucks itself away neatly when off-leash, while still being easy to grab.

  • When off-leash, it saves you having to carry around a bulky leash.

  • It is also a great back-up to have if you aren’t in the habit of carrying a leash with you. When that park ranger walks into view or a moose cuts you off, you can snag the leash out of the collar and nobody’s the wiser.

  • It’s remarkably durable and will continue to function great even after considerable wear and tear.

  • It has been designed with active dogs in mind. It can handle your dog submersing it in water, rolling around in the dirt (or worse), etc.  

RAD Dog Release N Run Review Collar with Built-In Retractable Leash

Release N Run Cons

  • If you’re in the process of training your dog to loose-leash walk, this will cause difficulty because of the tension in the retractable system. If your dog is trained not to pull on the leash, it may take a little getting used to.

  • The leash is also quite thin and a bit short, so it may not be appropriate for dogs that tend to pull excessively on the leash, or for dogs that spend the majority of time on-leash with only the occasional periods of free play.

  • While we haven’t seen it happen, the possibility of the leash handle snagging a tree branch or something similar is of concern. When a dog is romping through a forest, it may be a good idea to fully tuck the leash handle into the pocket that encases the retractable leash.


Final Thoughts

The Release N Run is a great leash for getting to and from off-leash activities. It is ideal for trail running, biking, or hiking with a well-trained dog!

It’s also worth mentioning that my sister has also been impressed with the all of other Rad Dog products she ordered off of Garage Grown Gear.


Release N Run Leash by Rad Dog



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