Unpaste Tooth Tabs Review — Simple, Lightweight and Easy to Ration!

Ali Becker
Unpaste Tooth tabs teethbrushing backpacking

I’ve never been so excited to brush my teeth as I was when the Unpaste Tooth Tabs showed up at my door. I popped open the recycled paper pouch of mint flavored tabs and poured them out in my hand. I was amazed at how small and light and bright they were, and the smell was so  inviting too!

I followed the step-by-step instructions on the back of the package, ‘Chew ‘til the tablet is a soft, minty paste, brush thoroughly, rinse and enjoy!’ I was skeptical that something so small could create enough paste for me to brush my whole mouth, but it proved me wrong. It made me think I’ve likely been using too much toothpaste all my life!

Unpaste Tooth Tabs Review Backpacking Toothpaste

I crushed, and then I brushed, and I loved the experience. There was no weird fizzing or popping or strange chalky sensations, it was just a nice smooth paste. The mint flavor, which is naturally created from mentha arvensis leaf oil, was ever so pleasant and it lingered long after I finished rinsing.

Besides being super small, lightweight and easy to use, my favorite thing about Unpaste Tooth Tabs is that they don’t have any weird ingredients. There are zero preservatives, SLS, sodium saccharin, artificial colors, aluminum or nanoparticles in their tabs. Win!

I also love that they are a mess-free, zero-waste alternative to plastic toothpaste tubes. Bonus points that you’ll never have another domestic dispute about where to squeeze the tube from! The Unpaste packaging is fully compostable, GMO free and printed with soy based inks, and they don’t test their products on animals. 

Unpaste Tooth Tabs Review Backpacking Toothpaste

Since you just need one tooth tablet per brushing, it makes them dead easy to ration for your trip. Bring two for each day (or three, if you’re a keener) and maybe a couple extras in case you drop one in the snow. (Guilty!) 

For how compact and easy to crush they are, I find them to be surprisingly robust when jammed in the bottom of my food bag, getting pounded on by heavier weight items. Even when one did break into pieces, I just picked the pieces, one by one, and popped them in my mouth. Easy. 

These amazing little toothpaste tablets come in two mouth-pleasing flavors, mint and cinnamon; the latter is naturally created from cinnamomum cassia leaf oil. Unpaste Tooth Tabs are available with fluoride (.62 mg per tablet) or fluoride free. 


Unpaste Tooth Tabs Size

125 tabs per package = 2 x Day for 2 Months

Weighs 1.4oz/ 39G per tab

Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), silica, sedum lauroyl glutamate, silica, magnesium stearate, natural mint flavor (mentha arvensis leaf oil), natural cinnamon flavor (cinnamomum cassia leaf oil), xanthan gum, stevia, citric acid, sodium fluoride



Unpaste Tooth tabs teeth brushing backpacking

  • Easy to use and mess free
  • Cleans and polishes teeth and gums 
  • Lightweight, robust and packable
  • Zero-waste, compostable, GMO-free packaging
  • 100% natural, vegan and gluten free, with no weird additives
  • Easy to ration for adventures
  • Refreshing, all-natural, minty fresh & warm cinnamon flavors
  • Available with fluoride, or fluoride free
  • No testing on animals
  • Carbon neutral and waterless manufacturing 


  • Packaging is not resealable (I use an elastic band, or plastic jar)
  • The tabs jostling together in your pack can create a rattling sound (use cotton balls or TP to reduce the rattle)
  • Airport security might raise an eyebrow at you (but you don’t have to check it as a liquid!)


Unpaste Tooth tabs teeth brushing backpacking

I enjoy brushing with Unpaste Tooth Tabs so much that they have become a staple in my adventure
and at-home dental hygiene kits, replacing toothpaste tubes and making brushing fun again! 

In my humble opinion, 100% natural, zero waste, toothpaste tablets are a simple lifestyle swap that has great benefits for our teeth and for our planet — leaving nothing but bright, wide smiles. 



Unpaste Tooth Tabs Review Backpacking Toothpaste
Tooth Tabs by Unpaste



Ali Becker is a freelance adventure writer and narrative storyteller who shares compelling conversations about personal transformations, overcoming limitations, wellness education and adventurous situations. You can follow her rambling adventures on social at @thisisalibecker or at her blog thisisalibecker.com. 

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Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone

I would say the Frau Fowler tooth powder, also sold by GGG, is a better bet for backpacking and camping. It’s equally lightweight – maybe lighter – and you can just swallow when finished. On the Tooth Tabs package, it says do not swallow and in the instructions, it says to rinse. What I want to avoid is spitting toothpaste onto the ground or on plant leaves at my campsite, where a bear or rodents could be attracted by the smell and taste. Even if you do rinse with Frau Fowler tooth powder, it’s practically clear and again, you really can just swallow at the end and maybe swish some water in your mouth afterwards and swallow that also. I will use tooth powder on my next multi-day trips. As for the comment above about fluoride, it’s a nonsensical rant. Fluoride is protective and most of us have used fluoride toothpastes and drunk fluoridated water all our lives without a problem and with less cavities in our teeth than if we hadn’t.

Sam Berkelhammer

Sam Berkelhammer

TOOTHPASTE IS GOOD for your teeth. Look it up and go straight to images. Kills BACTERIA-CRUMBS-POPCORN- and I used a TROPICAL FLAVOR that killed BAD VIBES in my teeth that a chill dude couldn’t in 2 weeks with a TASTY TOOTHPASTE called MANGO.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

FLUORIDE IS POISON and bad for your teeth. Look it up and go straight to images. Kills RATS-ROACHES-HUMANS- and I used a TOPICAL CHEMOTHERAPY that killed SKIN CANCER a dermatologist couldn’t in 2 weeks with a FLUORIDE CHEMO called FLUOROURACIL.
FLUORIDE LOWERS IQ AND MAKES YOU EASY TO BRAINWASH and in your tap water America when it says POISON on the toothpaste tube….STAY AWAY FROM THAT CRAP.

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