Hammock Gear Burrow Quilt Review: Quality, Affordable, Ultralight!

Ryan Steger
HG Burrow Top Quilt Review Hammock Gear 360 North Creative


Hammock Gear is a company based out of Ohio, and as their name states, they make hammocks and hammock accessories. They also make tarps and shelters, top quilts and underquilts.

I have used their top quilts and underquilts exclusively for the last year! I have the Hammock Gear Burrow top quilt in three different temperature ratings, 40, 20, and 0, and I’ve come to love them!

I bought these directly from Hammock Gear — before GGG started stocking the Burrow — and can say that they are extremely well made products at an affordable price. 


HG Burrow Top Quilt Review Hammock Gear GGG Garage Grown Gear

My HG quilts differ from what you can get from GGG in a few different ways. The first is that I chose to have my quilts overfilled just for peace of mind, and that I live in Wisconsin and it gets COOOLD. Second, I opted for the sewn footbox not the zippered footbox because my feet get cold. And finally, my 40 degree quilt and 0 degree quilt are the wide versions — for my 20 degree quilt I opted for the regular width.

The Positives of the Hammock Gear Burrow Top Quilt

The HG Burrow is a great value! There are certainly lighter quilts, and there are certainly quilts that pack down smaller, but there is a significantly increased cost for ounces in weight savings. For example, comparing the Enlightened Equipment Enigma to the Hammock Gear Burrow Economy, you save about 6 oz with the EE option, but save a whopping $210 by going with an HG quilt. 

HG Burrow Top Quilt Review Hammock Gear GGG Garage Grown Gear


There are a wide range of temperature ratings to choose from. Few quilt makers offer as wide of a temperature range as Hammock Gear and this is extremely nice. Wisconsin is a four-season state. I typically use the forty degree quilt during the summers, starting around May in Wisconsin. I’ll use the 20 degree for the shoulder seasons depending on where I’m going and how light I want to be. I’ll use the 0 degree whenever I’m going on a deep winter mission!

The quilts are extremely well made.  There are vertical baffles running from your head to your calves, and then horizontal baffles by the feet, which helps keep the down insulation where you want it. The insulation stays put even after being compressed and then decompressed and being stuffed into a stuff sack many times.

HG Burrow Top Quilt Review Hammock Gear GGG Garage Grown Gear


The quilts are also comfort rated to what they advertise, not survival rated, so a 20 degree quilt will keep you warm to 20 degrees and sometimes even colder. I have had the pleasure (I guess maybe not) of pushing a lot of these quilts to and past their comfort ratings. I pushed the 40 degree quilt to 39 degrees, and honestly I was so toasty I didn’t want to get out of bed (or actually my hammock) in the morning. Depending on the base layers you’re wearing and the wind chill, you could conceivably push these 5-10 degrees below their comfort rating!

The HG Burrow quilt is extremely easy to attach to a pad, which is nice especially when you are tired getting into camp. It is just three elastic straps that wrap around the pad and hook into the buckles on the quilt.

 HG Burrow Top Quilt Review Hammock Gear GGG Garage Grown Gear


The quilts have thoughtful features, including a draft collar. They also come with a compression bag and a storage sack. Thanks to the compression bag, the quilts pack down relatively small.

The Hammock Gear Burrow is made in the USA. In a world where so much outdoor gear is made overseas, having the option to purchase an ultralight quilt made domestically is always a plus.

The Negatives

Honestly, it is hard for me to find any negatives. The quilts could be lighter and pack down smaller. You absolutely can find lighter quilts and quilts that pack down smaller. 

How Much Do HG Burrow Quilts Weigh? 

For weight, I found that with the compression bag and pad straps …

  • the 40 degree quilt is 22.4 oz
  • the weight of the 20 degree quilt is 26.1oz
  • the zero degree quilt is 37.2 oz 

Final Say

HG Burrow Top Quilt Review Hammock Gear GGG Garage Grown Gear

The bottom line is that the Hammock Gear Burrow is a very well made quilt that will keep you warm wherever you are camping! For the price, it is hard to beat the quality. If you are going ultralight with no budget, these quilts might not be the best for you. However, if you are on a budget, or just want to save some cash, HG is the best option out there!



HG Burrow Top Quilt Review Hammock Gear GGG Garage Grown Gear
Burrow Quilt by Hammock Gear



My name is Ryan Steger and I’ve worked in the bike industry for 8ish years, and I’ve rode pretty much every type of bike out there. I graduated with my degree in Kinesiology from UW Madison in 2020 and I’m looking forward to sharing my love of bikes and all things outdoors! I’m pursuing a nursing degree, which is my journey currently. 


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