Gear Review: Voormi River Run Hoodie

Amy Hatch

Voormi River Run Review

The Voormi River Run Hoodie is a solid baselayer hooded shirt for many outdoor adventures.  Having tested this layer over the past few months in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, High Alpine of Washington, the Continental Divide of Colorado and the deserts of Utah, I’ve put it through the paces to see how well Voormi has done with creating a great merino wool outdoor layer.

What I Like:

Versatility:  The ability to wear this layer in many different elements and have it hold up is a huge plus.  With synthetics or cotton layers, I am often not able to take my top layer to different locations and have success in the long term.  Cotton can’t hold up in the wet and damp, synthetics don’t bring the warmth needed on those cold mountain mornings. This merino hoodie solves both of those problems and more.  I found the River Run Hoodie to be a great layer to wake up wearing during cold and/or damp mornings in the mountains. With people losing a lot of heat from their head, putting the hood up for some extra heat retention is a huge bonus.  Conversely, taking this layer into the Rocky Mountains for a few days above treeline was also a win. The long sleeves and hood provide excellent sun protection during the many hours of the day above treeline while also maintaining a good level of moisture-wicking ability.

Lightweight:  The blend of merino wool that is used for this hoodie is lightweight and fairly breathable.  Coming in at under half a pound for a men’s large, it is a good situational layer to bring with you on your trip as well.  It is very packable and shouldn’t add much to your pack weight.

Features:  The two features that make this top layer stand out is the hood and thumb loops.  I’ve already mentioned how the hood is very versatile and helpful with sun protection, but I also found it to be a bonus in protecting against bugs and mosquitoes.  Nothing is more annoying than bugs flying in your ears and mosquitoes biting the back of your neck. The quick solution? Pop up the hood and keep on moving!

The thumb loops on the sleeves are also a nice add-on.  Because I am often wearing this layer underneath other shirts/jackets, having thumb loops to prevent the sleeves getting rolled up underneath the other layer is a nice touch that helps.

Things to Note:

Scratchy When Damp:  The wool used on this layer is not the smoothest of fabrics.  Occasionally when I am hiking on a particularly hot day and sweating a lot, the layer can become a bit scratchy, especially where I am making contact with my pack. While it wasn't a constant issue, but something to note.

Durability:  The model that I tested has had quite a few loose threads of fabric get snagged on branches and twigs that I have been hiking through.  While this hasn’t led to any holes or tears, it has created a bit of concern over how long this layer might last on an extended adventure (such as a thru-hike). As is the case with most ultralight gear, you lose a bit of durability when dealing with such lightweight materials. 


The Verdict:

Overall I do really enjoy this layer and think it is worth the investment.  The features and versatility are a plus that make this layer worth the price tag.  With a bit more care than I exercised in testing, you can make it last for a long time.  I love that when I’m in doubt as to what to wear on my next outdoor adventure, I know I can count on Voormi.

River Run VOormi
Men's River Run Hoodie by Voormi
River Run VOormi
Women's River Run Hoodie by Voormi
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