Gear Review: Cnoc's USA Made Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles!

Guia Nocon
Cnoc Trekking Poles Review

Cnoc Outdoors got its start in 2016 when Gilad Nachmani found himself with broken trekking poles near Cnoc na-Gareig in the Scottish Highlands.

Since that galvanizing moment, Cnoc has made a name for itself with its soft-sided Vecto Water Containers, which are widely used among lightweight backpackers because of their easy-to-use openings and compatibility with a variety of gravity filters.

Gilad is now bringing Cnoc full circle and back to its roots with its USA made trekking poles. Available with either a compressed cork or Eva foam grip, Cnoc’s trekking poles are sustainably made out of carbon fiber.



Cnoc Trekking Poles Review


  • 28’’ fully collapsed, 62’’ max length
  • Weight: 9.6 oz per pole
  • FQL with TPE grip
  • Materials:
    • Grip: compressed cork or Eva foam
    • Pole: carbon fiber
    • Strap: polyester and microfiber
    • Tips: carbide
  • Price: $189.99


I took these on a moderate 7-mile hike in the Catskills.  The trail was a mixture of rocks, mud, stream crossings, and boulders.  After a few days of rain and one industrious beaver, there was a lot of water flowing through the Mt. Hayden area. 

Cnoc Trekking Poles Review

These trekking poles made crossing over mud and water not just easy but fun. I felt really confident and secure having these as additional points of contact on unsteady ground. I ended up leaning heavily on these during mud/ stream crossings and up inclines made up entirely of boulders. 

For something so light, it didn’t seem like it could bear a lot of weight. But there were moments of my hike where I was leaning on them entirely with utter confidence.



Cnoc Trekking Poles Review


  • Light and easy to set up
  • Friction quick lock (FQL) is simple and easy to operate
  • Internal thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) grip efficiently secures the carbon fiber tubes without feeling like you have to aggressively tighten it to hold
  • Carbon fiber UL factor
  • Doesn’t bend or vibrate like some aluminum poles
  • Cork handles keep hands dry in excessively humid weather
  • Comfortable hand straps (I prefer to put my hand into the straps leaving my thumb out vs. putting the strap over my wrist.  For research, I tried both and found them equally comfortable).
  • Easy screw tips so replacing the tips will be a piece of cake
  • Made by a Certified B Corp
  • Made in the USA!



  • Not the cheapest trekking pole available, but also well within the pocket, especially considering they’re USA Made
  • While very lightweight, there are other carbon fiber trekking poles out there that have these beat by a couple of ounces


Bottom Line:

Cnoc Trekking Pole Review

If you’re in the market for durable, stiff and ultralight trekking poles, these are a great investment. Additionally, it’s awesome to support a Certified B Corporation that heavily promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in its business practices.



Cnoc Trekking Poles Review
Cork Trekking Poles by Cnoc Outdoors



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@MTN, thanks for reading! Also super stoked on the work GGG is doing as well as all the vendors and partners they work with.
@Halo, thanks for the heads up! I am in the market for a new tent…
@Jonny, I found two great sources about CNOC’s commitment to sustainability with all of their products. The first blog post is from their website talking about the company, Goodwinds Composites, which manufactures carbon fiber for their trekking poles. The second is a case study from Goodwinds delving into the process that went behind the design.



They sounds great!
I’d love to know more about how the carbon fibre is sustainably made? Is it recyclable?

Halo Fernandez

Halo Fernandez

Another key feature is the extra long length of the poles which works perfectly with the Altaplex tent.
Super sturdy as well.



Thanks for the great review. Good to highlight it is a certified B Corp. Also happy to see GGG including diverse reviewers and not just another dude.

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