6 Cool Ultralight Gadgets

Ace Curtis


Backpacking adventures call for gear that's both functional and lightweight. Ultralight gadgets have become essential for outdoor enthusiasts looking to minimize their load while maximizing efficiency and safety. Let's dig into six cool ultralight gadgets that are must-haves for your next backpacking trip.

1. Renegade Outdoor UltraFire Knife


The UltraFire Knife by Renegade Outdoor is more than just a cutting tool. It's a multifunctional gadget ideal for backpacking. The UltraFire Knife combines a durable, high-quality, razor-sharp blade with a firesteel rod which generates sparks to ignite tinder for a fire, ensuring you're always ready to set up camp or handle emergencies. Its lightweight and flat design doesn't add bulk to your pack, making it a top choice for weight-conscious adventurers. The grip is made from lightweight nylon with a textured non-slip surface - no losing any fingers! The blade is a simple razor knife blade, meaning it is replaceable for any future outdoor adventures.

Blade length: 2.15"

Grip length: 2.375"

Overall length: 5.45" 

Weight: 0.6oz | 18.9g 

Price on GGG: $19.95

2. Outdoor Element Firebiner


Imagine a carabiner that not only helps you attach gear to your backpack but also doubles as a fire starter. The Firebiner by Outdoor Element is just that. This innovative tool features a built-in fire wheel, offering a reliable spark in all conditions. It's a simple yet highly effective gadget for anyone needing a quick fire source while on the trail. The ferro rod is replaceable, it has a stainless steel safety blade, a bottle opener, a screwdriver tip, and hang slots to connect keys or other hangy things. 

Dimensions: 5.75" × 3" × 0.25"

Weight: 1.1oz | 31g

Price on GGG: $14.95

3. FlipFuel® Fuel Transfer Device


The FlipFuel® Fuel Transfer Device is a game-changer for backpackers using liquid fuel stoves. This lightweight, easy-to-use gadget allows you to transfer fuel between canisters, reducing waste and ensuring you carry only what you need. Its compact size and practicality make it a smart addition to any backpacking kit. Say goodbye to all of the half-full canisters you’re not willing to bring on a trip! The ingenuity of this device tickles me to no end, and I'm sure it will impress anyone looking for a more efficient and eco-friendly way to fuel their adventures.

Dimensions: 2.13" x 1" x 1.25"

Weight: 1.5oz

Materials: Aluminum

Price on GGG: $35.00

4. RovyVon Aurora Keychain Flashlight


Don't let its size fool you; the Aurora Keychain Flashlight by RovyVon is a powerhouse of illumination - I mean seriously, the first time I used it, I didn’t read the instructions first, looked right into the light, and blinded myself.

This tiny flashlight can be attached to your keychain or backpack, providing easy access when you need light. Despite its small stature, it offers seriously impressive brightness, making it perfect for nighttime navigation or campsite illumination. It comes with a couple sizes of split-rings, a clip-on clip, and a clip-on magnet. It has numerous settings of brightness from the main light, and the side light, plus the ability for red light and intermittent flashing red for emergencies. There are so many functions packed into this tiny little guy. 

Dimensions: 2.38” Long, Diameter: 0.61"

Weight: 0.6oz

Brightness Outputs:

  • 650 Lumens, 6500K Cool White
  • High Mode: 650 lumens | 110m | 1 minute* + 90 minutes
  • Medium Mode: 200 lumens | 63m | 1 minute* + 2 hours
  • Low Mode: 25 lumens | 22m | 8 hours
  • Moonlight Mode: 0.5 lumens | 72 hours

*Will drop down to 80 lumens after 1 minute in Medium and High modes

Price on GGG: $36.95

5. Thermoworks Zipper-Pull Thermometer


Understanding the temperature is crucial in the wild, and the Zipper-Pull Thermometer by Thermoworks is designed to give you accurate readings in a compact form. Whether you're checking the ambient temperature or the warmth of your sleeping bag, this tiny thermometer is both accurate and unobtrusive. You can easily switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit. It is water-resistant, and can attach anywhere using a small split-ring. More than just the current temp, it gives a min/max reading as well, meaning you can know how cold it got overnight or the highest temp you had that day. For nerds who love the stats of their adventures, this little piece of gear is a no-brainer. 

Dimensions: 49 H x 33 W x 12.5 D mm

Range: -13 to 122°F (-25 to 50°C)

Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)

Resolution: 1° over full range

IP Rating: IP67

Backlight: 10 seconds

Battery: CR2025 (3V) lithium coin cell (included) x 1, approximately 4000 hours (167 days)

Display: 18.2 dia. mm; Digits: 7.45 H mm

Weight: 0.5oz | 14.3g

Price on GGG: $22

6. FLEXTAIL Zero Pump


The Zero Pump by FLEXTAIL is an ultra-compact air pump that makes inflating sleeping pads or other air-filled gear a breeze. Its small size belies its efficiency, significantly reducing the time and effort required to set up your sleeping area. It also functions as a vacuum pump, helping you compress your gear for even more space-saving. This version is FLEXTAIL’s most recent design - it is light as a feather, and compact enough to become part of an every-hike-carry. With the re-design, FLEXTAIL eliminated the flashlight capability, meaning all of the power stored in the battery will support filling your sleep pads, pillows, etc. The Zero Pump has a replaceable battery feature, allowing long-term outdoorsy folks to carry an extra battery in times of need. 

This version is the world’s smallest pump, and can pump up most sleeping pads around 25 times. It is highly portable and efficient, however, users must consider it’s compatibility with their sleep systems prior to purchase, as it is specifically designed for ultralight sleeping pads and camp pillows, which have comparatively lower air volume.

Dimensions: 1.02” x 2.95”

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Air Pressure: 2.5kPa

AirFlow: 180L/min

Run Time: 25 minutes

Weight: 1.2 oz | 34g

Price on GGG: $52.99

These six UL gadgets offer a blend of innovation, practicality, and lightweight design, making them perfect for backpackers who value efficiency and convenience. Incorporating these items into your gear list can enhance your outdoor experience, ensuring you're prepared for whatever the trail throws your way.


Ace Curtis is a plus-sized outdoor enthusiast who thrives in the rugged landscapes of Northern California, where she has lived most of her life. She plays a vital role in her community as an active member of the county's Search and Rescue Ground Team. Currently, Ace is expanding her expertise by attending EMT school, aiming to enhance her ability to provide critical care in emergency situations. You can check out her current ADHD fixation on Instagram @breakfastwithace.


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