The ULK by Rainy Day Forge


$ 119.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Canada | Est. 2019

The wholly ultralight knife! Handmade from carbon steel and sharpened on a 1000 grid Japanese sanding stone, these 1.1oz cutters have a satin-finished handle and a buffed mirror finished blade. Made in extremely small batches, each is slightly unique.

Each ULK comes with a removable red sheath made from a thermoplastic called Kydex. Bright so it's easy to find!

Perfect for EDC or backcountry minimalism.

Every detail of the ULK, down to each drilled hole, has been meticulously thought out. The holes are pinch points, not just for weight loss. The way the ULK locks into your hand removes the need for a handle. Your hand is the handle.

***Discounts are not available on the ULK



      Weight: 1.1oz


      • Carbon steel (knife)
      • Kydex thermoplastic (sheath)

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