Titanium Funnel by SilverAnt

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No one wants to spill their premium single malt whisky or favorite liquor. Pour your alcohol of choice into your trusty hip flask or refill your Alcohol Fuel Bottle without any spillages.

Made entirely from titanium the funnel is ultralight, weighing only 6.5g/ 0.22 oz. The funnel's height and width are 40mm/1.57 inches. It is compact, strong, and durable. The design features a nozzle as well as 3 airflow slots which help ensure a good flow when pouring. To pour hold your hip flask with the funnel inside at approximately a 45-degree angle. 


  • Grade 1 quality titanium
  • Uncoated and unlined
  • Ultralight titanium construction
  • Perfect weighted feel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Biocompatible
  • Non toxic/non allergenic
  • Cloth draw string carry sleeve
  • Lifetime guarantee



    • Dimensions: 1.57" W x 1.57" H

    Weight: 0.22oz

    Materials: Grade 1 quality titanium


    Pairs Well With: Alcohol Fuel BottleFlatPak™ Toiletry BottlesToiletry BottlesMini Dropper BottlesFine Mist Sprayers, & Squeeze Bottles

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