Lark, A Game of Challenge and Chance by Wend


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Lark is a game of thrill and co-creating that will ask you and your friends to share, care, and dare together.  

It's a bit like truth or dare but with a life-giving, affirming, and creativity embracing edge that just might bring you and your friends closer together (while also spurring each other on towards mischievous and hilarious antics and stories)


  • 75 prompt cards with 2 prompts per card (more portable, less wasteful!)
  • 9 Tenet Cards to help set the tone and edify you as a creative, generous, genius!
  • 15 Wild Cards that disrupt play in wonderful, chaotic ways
  • 2, 12-sided die (in case you lose or make a gift of one)
  • 1 Guidebook full of all the wisdom you'll need out there

Why Challenge and Chance?

Challenge, little ones and big ones, invite us to engage in the now, to be present and grow. In a playful context, they draw us out of our ruts and into our agency. We see with new eyes how we relate to those around us, our place, ourselves, and the horizon-wide potential that is waiting at the edge of our awareness, calling us into better versions of ourselves.

Chance because no matter how much we strive, we'll never have control. It's a joy to climb aloft on the intolerably unknowable tide of life and embrace chance and whichever of the infinite possibilities of life she wants to offer us.

And yet, Lark is just a game. Like life itself do not take it too seriously. Have fun, make mischief, affirm someone.

It Works Like This



  • Dimensions:  6" W x 3.875" L x 1.375" H

Weight: 9.1oz

Materials: Box and cards are made from at least 40% post-consumer recycled materials

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