Hydration System - 28mm for SmartWater Bottle by One Bottle Hydration

Material: TPU Tubing
$ 28



Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Norwalk, CT | est. 2021

Stay hydrated!

The One Bottle Hydration System will add a convenient drinking tube to your 28mm SmartWater bottle! With this setup you can leave your bottle in the side pocket of your pack and use the bite valve and tube to drink on the go. This set includes the bite valve, drinking tube, and adapter assembly which screws onto the top of your SmartWater bottle.

This system is also compatible with many other water bottle brands such as Fiji, Life WTR, Essentia, and most soda bottles in the U.S.

Note: Now includes an additional 28mm gasket. If purchased before 7/5/2023 we are happy to send an additional gasket your way. Email help@garagegrowngear.com


  • No need to remove your water bottle from your pack to drink
  • Compatible with 28mm water bottle openings
  • Drinking tube attaches to 1" or 3/4" webbing on your pack strap
  • Tubing adjusts to any bottle height
  • Injection molded bottle adapter includes grip knobs for easy opening/closing


  • Bite valve
  • Drinking tube
  • Pack attachment clip
  • Bottle cap adapter
  • Additional tethered bottle cap

Optional Add-Ons:



  • Tubing Length: 43" - can be trimmed with scissors as needed
  • Fits on standard 28mm thread water bottles

Weight: 2.8oz

Materials: TPU or Silicone

Instructions can be found here.

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