Fresh Tracks Meal Bar by Range


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Molasses, ginger, sea salt. Dark molasses lays the foundation for some soothing but zesty ginger. Jacobsen’s sea salt, harvested off the Oregon Coast pops through strongly, pushing the flavor a bit closer to savory than most energy bars. Another tasty and convenient option for a meal on-the-go.

Best used within 6 months of purchase.


      Ingredients: Organic Unsulphured Sweet Molasses, Whole Grain Oats, Organic Almond Butter (Organic Dry Roasted Almonds), Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Flax Meal, Organic Puffed Rice Cereal (Brown Rice, Brown Rice Syrup, Salt), Crystallized Ginger (Ginger, Cane Sugar), Sea Salt, Cinnamon

      Contains: Almonds. May contain peanuts and tree nuts.

      • Serves 1

      Single serving: 700 calories, 19g protein, 32g fat, 91g carb.

      Weight: 5.7oz

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