Food Rehydrator Pouch by PackbackDesigns

Color: White
$ 44


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Scottsdale, AZ | Est. 2019

Ready for rehydration

Anyone hungry?! The Food Rehydrator Pouch is made to help fill your belly with a "full size" hydrated meal. PackbackDesigns has included a hand holding flap for easy eating, "fold up" easy storage loops, a pleated bottom, and even a grab handle!

PBD's design took the best of all the rehydrators on the market: you get the hand holding flap over for easy eating, the "fold up" easy storage loops, a pleated bottom so you can just let this guy stand on its own and do its job, and even a grab handle.


  • Made from translucent DCF Dyneema
  • Stuffed with Climashield APEX insulation
  • Highly water resistant



  • Dimensions*: 8.5"T x 8.5"W

*Dimensions may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of this product.

Weight: 1.5oz


  • Fabric: 0.8oz DCF
  • Insulation: Climashield APEX 

Made in the USA

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