Alpha Hat by FarPointe Outdoor Gear


Color: Dark Navy 60gsm
Size: Medium
$ 29.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Newport, OR | Est. 2021

The ultralight Alpha cap is surprisingly warm for its weight. An Alpha 60gsm Cap only weighs 11 grams while still being comfortable in 3 season weather. A great piece under a helmet, hanging at camp, or for strenuous activity like cold weather running, climbing, or hiking.



Care: All FarPointe garments should be washed cold and air dried. (Using a mesh laundry bag will extend the life of your FarPointe.)


  • Medium: 21" circumference
  • Large: 23"  circumference

Weight: 0.3oz (60gsm), 0.4oz (90gsm), 0.9oz (120gsm)


  • Deep Navy, Black: Alpha UL 60gsm
  • Deep Glacier: Alpha Direct 90gsm
  • Sunstone: Alpha 120gsm
  • Alpha/Wool 150gsm

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