BRS-3000T Ultralight Burner by BRS Outdoor

$ 19.99


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As light as it gets!

A shockingly small, ultra lightweight and straighforward backpacking stove at an impressively low price. It's simple design incorportates big features including an easily adjustable flame, stable teeth shaped arms, and a powerful output of 2700W. This is a functional, ultralight canister stove that will keep your pack light.

*Note: Fuel Canister Not Included


  • Teeth shape designed arms 
  • Unique fire plate design
  • Gas switch for easy to adjust flame
  • Compact travel size
  • Compatible with most self-sealing canister fuels



  • Dimensions (in use/unfolded): 3.34"L x 3.34"W x 2.69" H
  • Dimensions (when stowed/folded): 1.45"L x 1.45"W x 2.04"H
  • Output: 2700w
  • Gas consumption: ~140g per hour for 1L of water


  • BRS-3000T Stove: 0.88oz | 26g
  • Storage pouch: 2g


  • Titanium Alloy, Copper, Stainless Steel

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