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Garage Grown Gear
BeBe Allen
GGG Awesome Shopping Service

Although fairly new to GGG, I love browsing/shopping for items and gear that I'm slowly replacing due to divorce. The prices are Awesome and it allows me to recover my outdoor adventure items quicker than some other sites! Always adding new and exciting items that I had to start a Wishlist!!! Awesome place to Shop and you just can't beat their Customer Service and Super Fast Shipping!

Garage Grown Gear
Dean Dawson
Awesome one stop shop!

Love the awesome product selection and great prices. Wonderful business model. My new one-stop-shop!

Garage Grown Gear
Charles Lewis
Great stuff

Love the good prices, supports small-business. Great stuff !

Garage Grown Gear
Nicole Bailey
Has everything for reasonable prices!

I am really impressed with Garage Grown Gear's variety of products- from allergy friend food, to Kula cloths and bidet! Everything is also affordable and free shipping is easy to get with a $25 minimum order! Love it!

Streamlined website

I was able to find what I was looking for, and of course, a couple of add ons in under 3 minutes!!!
Thanks for taking the headache out of shopping for gear!!

Garage Grown Gear
Giacomo Guerri

Finally a reseller of ultralight gear that ships to Italy!!

Garage Grown Gear
Ingrid Erickson
Wow I love this site and wish I knew about it sooner!!

Wow this site has everything I'm looking for!!! I'm currently prepping to hike the Pacific Crest Crail in March and I am so impressed with all the amazing stuff you guys have. Its hard trying to find UL stuff that big stores don't carry, and its a hassle to jump from website to website buying different things. Excited to order from you guys again!! Much appreciated

Garage Grown Gear
Adrienne Washney
I love to shop small

I've ordered a few times now from Garage Grown Gear and I like all my purchases! I hope my purchases do help small, startup outdoor brands, although I have purchased some name brands here as well! These are the things that make our country great! Thanks GGG!

Garage Grown Gear
Christian Riley
Easy to Use Website

This website was very easy to use and had excellent product descriptions. Overall, the shopping experience was a 10/10.

Awesome site and service

So glad to have access to this site. I use to shop and learn about brands. Thank you!

Garage Grown Gear
Jake Kitner

I've been buying food, stocking up for a trip for the last several months. GGG has consistently shipped my orders fast and accurately. Great backpacking site to purchase items.

Garage Grown Gear
Patrick Metzger
Great online store

The best online store for thru-hikers! Awesome collection of ultra light gear and apparels.

Awesome innovative products

Purchased several items from garage grown gear and love the localized home grown items that work well and are made by people using the items. A win all around.

A hidden gem

Recently discovered (by me) and shared with a bunch in our hiking group. Lots of good, UL and American made gear. 2nd order placed today, will keep an eye out for new items and a few things currently not in stock when looking to upgrade.

Garage Grown Gear
David Howard
Great Site!

It is refreshing to find such a wonderful place with quality products. This is my first visit and I'm glad to have found your site.

Thank you for offering a great selection of well known products. I am looking forward to visiting again to find the things I need the most.

Great customer service

I had a item with a defect! They made an exchange and got back to me fast! Cheers!

Garage Grown Gear
Matthew wise
I love these apples man

I don't eat these but they are def edible I buy them for my pet rabbit who is really picky and he loves these and these are a great price because their expensive and out of stock everywhere else online mostly,they are like thin stringy dried green apples and are somewhat soft #MrTobyMLoberz thanks GGG for supporting the cuties too!!🐰🐰

Garage Grown Gear
Stephen Gheen
First impressions

Easy to navigate website and loads of high quality gear

Great source for cottage equipment/food

Proud to give em my buisiness. Fast shipping/great products.

Love GGG

As I prepare for a thru hike, this has been my go-to site for finding great small, startup brands that keep their customers in mind when developing their products. The customer service and care to detail puts Garage Grown Gear above the rest!

Wonderful customer service

Got a Christmas present my brother bought at garage grown gear, sadly it didn’t fit my backpack. I emailed customer service and they quickly got a return label and got a gift card code as soon as my item got back to them. Their gear selection just gets better all the time. Love it.

Garage Grown Gear
aislyn alder
Great gear and service

I have made a couple expensive orders here. Everything has been excellent quality and it is nice to support small scale businesses. On the one occasion when I was unhappy with a product they hooked me up with a free return label same day and asked zero questions. Courteous service and a great selection. Leave them a tip, they deserve it!

Garage Grown Gear
Seth Poppy
Excellently curated gear

Love the selection of gear, and the homegrown approach.. very refreshing. Great customer service too, had a change to an order and got a response right away.

Excellent site for excellent things

Ordered a few times from here. Shipping has always been fast and I have been satisfied. Like the collaborations with the cottage makers on instagram/etsy. Its a good way to both find the cottage industry stuff both in-stock and verified that you’re not going to get a half sown piece of junk 2 months later (been burned before)

Garage Grown Gear
Lori Alexander
Great Selection

I love the one stop shop nature and selection. Fast deliveries and best of all, new gadgets to try out.