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Good gear store

Fast shipping! Good service 👍

Crate gear company

Great gear company, one place shopping for all your hiking gear, fast service, and good follow up.

Delicious But So Many Onions!

This meal was by far the most delicious backpacking meal I have ever had. The only downside to this meal is that there are soooo many onions; to the point of causing intestinal distress. There is both onion powder and dehydrated onions in the meal. I wish it was one or the other and then it would be 5 stars.


Your are the best company ever!

Need a fix?

Yay! Smack for Gear Junkies!
I Love buying gear and sometimes I even like to Backpack 😳🤪

Best online store

Again, GGG never fails to deliver outstanding customer service and exception delivery times. I love this store. My wish list has grown to 17 items, and I just placed another order today. Huge shout out to the Garage. You guys are amazing.

So glad I found them!

Great service and nice to support small biz. Very happy.

Awesome Store

Nice place to buy gear and the benefit of supporting small businesses.

Hello hours of shopping!

My first time on this website and I just had to create a wishlist of all the awesome products I want now!

All the Ultralite gear you need

GGG my new first stop for all my hiking/backpacking needs.

Knick Knacks

I love browsing this site every so often. They have some of the neatest little things that make backpacking a bit easier or fun. Things you wouldn't think of or that you can't find anywhere.
Thanks GGG!

Superstar Small Business Support

I love the whole idea behind Garage Grown Gear and I love supporting small businesses while getting what I need all at once!


This is such a great resource for supporting small businesses and the prices are great! It’s a win win!

Happy camper

Love the selection, especially for ultralight gear. I also appreciate the individual condiment packets!

Garage Grown Gear
Sean Seyfried
Hillsound gaiters

Great gaiters. I really like the zipper as opposed to the typical velcro.

Garage Grown Gear
Nancy Engel
Great product!

I have been looking for this food both online and in the bird store. It is becoming difficult to find. My conure loves these dried veges! Thank you for making this product available. Keep the price the way it is. Thank you! <3

Yet another quick shipment.

Fast as always!

new to site

So far, the stuff sacks and other gear I have bought is on par with Hyper Lyte and REI. Time will tell but I remain optimistic about Garage Grown Gear future in the backpacking business.

I love this site!

Love cottage companies? Then this is your place, you can literally get anything and everything you need right here. If I had to say one bad thing, it’s that I want everything I see, and that’s on me not GGG. also every time I’ve ordered the shipping has always been quick, so no long wait times for your goodies.

Great specs

This website features tons of information about the packs and they have done their research on what to include, all the products look great and im looking forward to my evolving 35L pack!

no complaints but would like more information and specs on each product

no complaints but would like more information and specs on each product

Hi Scott,

Thanks for this feedback. We're always looking for ways to be an even better version of ourselves. Can you give us more specifics on where you would like to see details filled out? Also, please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions. help@garagegrowngear.com.



Great selection of great gear

Look no further for the greatest collection of cottage company gear . Everything iv ordered from here has been top notch and has worked better than anticipated. Keep it up GGG

Garage Grown Gear
Luke DeLeonardo
Water Bottle Conversion Kit

Welp, after trying the "at home" game, I opted to spend the $28 to see if this works better than what I made. My rig leaks from the cap when I bend 90 degrees at the hip. I haven't figured out why more people don't use this method....Logically, seems the best.

Ggg store

Everything you need in one place! Great prices too!

If you know you know

Probably the best online store for niche Ultralight camping gear. A lot of the products you can’t even find at REI - which are very handy and intuitive. It’s pretty clear it’s run by people who are in tune with their customer’s needs and are backpackers themselves. I find myself looking for “that one specific thing” that no other shop has and these guys always seem to have an answer for it. Keep it up GGG, I’ll be back!