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Great service!

I ordered a CNOC water bottle and was pleased that it arrived so quickly. I also liked the personal touch-Cam left me a :) w/a thank you note. I just ordered 2 neck gaitors. I love the idea that a woman started the company out of Alaska!



GGG you rock!

Have ordered multiple items from your site. Great selection and price.

First order /thermometer

Just received my little thermometer and a lovely handwritten note ..oh and a surprise gift of a short handled toothbrush. so kind!!. thank you. I follow JustinOutdoors..he led me to you. I am grateful..Tammy 😀

easy to order

of course I haven't gotten the items I ordered, since I just completed the order, but love the ease of ordering. Have ordered items in the past and everything is as described, arrived in perfect condition, & arrived when promised. Very nice to haves much gear in one place!

Noce to have more good stuff in one place (and its not REI)!

I can always find something I didn't know about here. Just did a good bit of Christmas shopping, and it's good to know it is useful stuff, that my families will enjoy having.

Keep looking for the new stuff!

I have purchased most things that GGG has on offer, over the years. All are useful, most are for specific trips and others are a permanent part of my pack.
The entire focus is on light weight and innovation, which is perfect. I do make or modify my own gear, but generally, if it is available commercially, more efficient to buy it.

Noticing equip. not made here.

GGG is my favorite gear site, by far,……..but, i’ve noticed a few product brands are offering cheaper versions of their gear & it’s not made here, it doesn’t provide any jobs here. I understand wanting to grab that sector of BP’ers by offering cheaper versions of their gear. To me it’s missing the point. It’s not garage grown, & if it is, the garage is in another country. Love this store, hope it doesn’t get too big for me. Full disclosure: I purchased a piece of the cheaper , non US made gear for my grandson, i understand the cost pressure.

Hey Denny! Thanks for the message and the thoughts. They really are appreciated!

We consider the range of brands and products that we carry to all be apart of an ecosystem. A diverse smattering that all adds to the benefit of the bigger whole. With our smaller brands as the backbone, we incorporate some larger legacy brands to support our product mix, profit margins, and overall visibility/search-ability. By centering our promotional lenses on small brands while simultaneously making GGG the most complete 1 stop shop we can for ultralight gear, we think it’s a 3 way win for customers, brands, and ourselves!

We won't ever out grow the mission of supporting small brands and hopefully you'll keep coming back for many years to come :) We think our approach to building GGG is one that is able to authentically grow and continue to do good work by our brands and customers alike. We look forward to showing you that over time!

Happy Holidays!


God Tier Store

Greater customer service Greater brands Greater nitty stuff and waht not GGG

Great products, price, customer service

Keep up the good products, price and customer service! Thx!

Always reliable

This is one of the best sources for gear I've ever seen. The service is reliable and fast, and the products are always exactly what you expect. Great place to replace gear or just to try something new.

Wonderful Resource

Just a word of thanks for becoming the go to place to support our hiking adventures. Garage Grown is the place to find anything to make live in the outdoors better and your support of small producers is impressive. Keep up the great work!

USPS destroyed the package

The post office literally destroyed my packaged order, some of it was missing what remained was crushed and ruined. GGG staff was very responsive, quick and pleasant to assist and get me the order replaced pronto. Thanks!

Great gear from the little guys.

GGG is a real resource for both consumers and the cottage brands the represent. Supporting this model is painless due to the quality service, super high quality, and real people to chat, email, or talk with should you need help getting an order right. Thanks GGG, you rock. John in Seattle.

But my first item from GGG a 2 liter Vecto water container. Shipped on time and came with an ultralight toothbrush. Very cool touch.
Will purchase again from GGG.

Beware if buying internationally

Great product but don't get fooled if you are an international buyer - the automatic change of currency on the GGG webpage to your local currency belies the fact that you will need to pay customs and local taxes. This is in the small print but really not obvious given the automatic setting. I think GGG could do more in this regard on the webpage.

Hey Clarissa! Sorry to hear you were surprised by the custom fees and local taxes. I can imagine that was frustrating! We do try and have all of this information listed in our shipping information section, but we'll brainstorm ways to have it more prominently featured. At this point there isn't a good way for us to be able to predict those costs prior to shipment, but we are exploring some options!

Hope your are enjoying your GGGear,


GGG Customer Service

GGG customer service is the best and that keeps me coming back!

Best cottage store, period!

Even when you (or rarely they) make a mistake or “fat finger” something in your order, just call or e-mail & they are all over it. No whine or blame, or third-degree like big box stores. Great selection of cottage made gear. When they started carrying Hill Top Packs products, I knew they would do well. I can’t open their web page without buying something, even like just now, DCF stuff sack for my new Bot 700, & write-in - the-rain pen set. They are THE BEST!

Happy customer.

I have ordered from GGG several times now. I am always pleased with the quality of the merchandise and the rapid shipping of my orders. I recommend GGG to everyone I know.

Garage Grown Gear
Ronald Conklin
Customer service

Had wrong shipping address in profile from previous address. . Didn't catch it until after order was processed. Reached out to customer service via email. Before shipping label was printed. GGG responded within 20 minutes of email.. No complaints from this happy customer.

Great gear

These folks are a great crew and the products are very well made. I have the carbon umbrella and the Jogo straw, couldn't be happier with the quality and usefulness. I look forward to purchasing more of their fine gear.

Just take my wallet already

This place is something else, they have something for everyone and you'll always find great new products that make you rethink how you're backpacking. Can't recommend GGG enough to anyone getting into backpacking

Best place to buy ultralight accessories!

GGG is the hands down best place to purchase ultralight accessories from cottage brands. An added benefit is one low shipping cost which would not be possible if you had to purchase these accessories directly from the individual cottage companies.

Best place for backpacking food and accessories

GGG has the best selection of food anywhere! Meals you can't find anywhere else, especially gluten free. I always look here first.

Great products

Nifty stuff you cannot find anywhere else at great prices