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Great Service

I ordered a small item, the Gossamer Gear mat that comes in rolled or folded. I don't like things hanging off my pack so I ordered the folded verson. They promptly shipped the rolled version by accident. I emailed them. They immediately responded that the'd ship the correct version and to keep the other. Simple fast and effective service.

Buy From GGG If You're Trying to Lighten Your Pack

I try to buy used whenever possible, but when looking for new gear, I start at Garage Grown Gear because I like their ethics and how they enable small companies to innovate and grow. The easy-to-use website has accurate specs on the products and great prices.

Long Time Customer

I buy what I can at my local outdoor store. The rest seems to come from GGG. I always find something new to try. Thanks!

Great place to shop!

A ton of useful items that are hard to find anywhere else. I love supporting small businesses, and the products sold here are all clearly designed by people that love spending time outside. Thanks GGG!

Love you GGG

GGG has a great variety of outdoor products that are extremely useful. I love purchasing from small businesses and GGG’s simple and efficient way of doing business is a great example of that.

UL gear from small vendors on one website

I've made several purchases from Garage Grown Gear. They make it easy to find the small ultralight gear vendors I like and have helped me discover some new ones. So far my ordering and delivery experience has been excellent. A+


I have purchased multiple products from GGG and had a couple of return issues. I cannot say enough about how my issues and correspondence are always addressd promptly and with friendliness and complete satisfaction. Please support this wonderful store and their superior products

Love it all!

I absolutely love that they have gathered all of these great brands in one convenient place to shop! My only gripe would be that many items are often out of stock for long periods of time. Other than that I love shopping here!

A truly great website

I’ve bought a ton of stuff from GGG. Their prices and service are excellent. I really like the chance to buy things from small producers here in the U.S. Without GGG, I would never have learned about many of them. The GGG review articles are also very helpful. And the customer reviews of particular items are often informative as well.

Awesome Gear

Everything I’ve purchased from GGG has been Outstanding Gear

Excellent service, shipping speed, selection.

I've purchased several times from GGG and I have had a perfect experience every time. The customer service is amazing, the shipping speed is super fast, and their product selection is great. All packages received have been packed carefully and securely. I've had to return an item and the process was super easy. I don't know what else to say except I look forward to purchasing again from GGG.

Best store ever!!

Just made my third purchase. I love the incredible niche products and supporting the cottage gear community. I was about to buy a Nitecore Nu25 headlamp on Amazon, and then thought “let me check GGG”, sure enough they had it and for cheaper than Amazon. Threw in a bunch of small items I needed and got free shipping.

Garage Grown Gear
Sandra Ramirez
Best purchase ever!

Light weight kept me cool I’m replacing it because I misplaced it. Everyone loves it’

Reasonable price, no Search options

The products offered are all available at standard prices on the Internet, but I have to say that the search options are virtually non-existent and there is also no possibility to compare products with each other. Maybe I'm a bit spoiled with the European search and comparison platform Geizhals.com, where you can compare products from different retailers and the search options are almost endless, but unfortunately no American products are displayed.
I stumbled upon Garage Grown Gear through MyLifeOutdoors and then wanted to buy an Ursack Major Food Bag and was looking for more gear to take full advantage of the international shipping costs but was then so disappointed with the website that I am now buying directly from the manufacturer.
With friendly greetings from Germany

Woof! Sorry to hear that was your experience on GGG! We’ve worked hard to try and make our website filterable by price, category and brand, but certainly also recognize that there is a lot of room to improve! While the type of site you are describing sounds interesting, it’s not exactly what GGG is all about. Glad to hear you picked up an Ursack Major, and friendly greetings from Minnesota!

Great Gear Junkie Place

Great site to load up on all those little ultralight gadgets needed to make long trips more comfy and efficient. Found stuff I didn’t even know I needed and at prices comparable with major online shopping sites!

Items I would search for days not even related to hiking now available!!

Ever since I started hearing about a site that could support all Cottage Gear Companies I was so stoked. I credit Joe and Z-packs for having the insight to support this endeavor. Joe V. knew how difficult it was to get started in a niche market and be successful...designing gear out of his garage, taking orders and answering emails 18 hours a day. Attempting to build custom gear and please everyone in the process. So many of these great start-ups came and went...like Luke's ultralight...and so many other folks with great ideas and designs, It was too hard as individuals, but as a consortium, as a team, these small start-ups could grow, without the weight of funding, middle men, logistics, hiring and customization it takes to be successful. With GGG, we can support the cottage upstarts and obtain awesome, lighter, more functional gear at a fair price point. We can all can feel good supporting the UL push for the next generation.Thank you so much.

Garage Grown Gear is good

Do not hesitate to buy from Garage Grown Gear.

My go to store

I have been shopping here for a few years now and this is now the only place I shop. The products are top notch, the customer service is the best. And I am able to talk with the makers if I have any questions. I do wish you would bring back the food sample boxes. I loved trying new stuff and finding new favorites.

Great service, quick response

I received a dry bag that wasn't exactly what I ordered, they contacted me very quickly, asked for a photo of incorrect item, and within a couple of days, the correct item was at my residence. Can't ask for better service than that, especially now days. I forgot to keep return label, so I'm just going to pay them for the other bag, one of the grandsons will have a use for it, I'm sure. Thanks GGG!!

Garage Grown Gear
Great products, excellent prices

Regularly find products I need here, and find nowhere else. Started at GGG buying with Purple Rain Adventure Skirts. True treasurer for serious walkers and backpackers. Just ordered several new hygiene products.

Favorite store hands down

Ever since finding out about GGG my hiking and camping life has just been more and more enjoyable. Love to support small businesses and will continue to buy from GGG indefinitely.

Warning-will empty your wallet

Amazing. I find new stuff all the time and already have the gear but can’t help but want a lighter replacement. “MyLifeOutdoors” inspired me to visit the site and I don’t regret it for a second…my wallet does…not that they are expensive…I just want everything they sell.

very dangerous place

GGG is a very dangerous place...it's become a sickness...UL that is. I used to like looking at girlies now I like dyneema bags of all shapes and sizes and carbon fiber pot holders...what's wrong with me???

gg reviews GGG

One stop shop for what I need to backpack well. Thanks GGG🏅


I've made quite a few separate purchases here with GGG. All have been smooth processes and the gear is quality. It also helps to assist small companies here in the USA.