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    Find a lower price? We’ll price match!

    Here’s what you’ll need to do:

    - Shoot us an email: and let us know the product you’d like to have price matched.
    - Include a screenshot or a hyperlink to the site where the lower price is found.
    - Let us know you want to price match!


    Some Stipulations:

    1. Price matching is only valid for items found online. Price matching does not apply for items found at a brick and mortar store. 
    2. Promocodes cannot be applied on top of price matching.
    3. Price matching is based on the listed (shown) price of a product. Discounts due to promotional codes are not factored into price matching. 
    4. Price matching can only be applied to the same style/color/model/size. If XXXXXS are 80% off on Amazon, price matching won’t apply for an XL.
    5. Price matching can’t be retroactively applied.