Sure it's the spookiest time of the year, but fear not... we've got you covered!

Below are our 6 most Halloweeny pieces of GGGear

Ice Axe or Zombie Basher?

Need something pointy to keep the zombies away? Brain bashing doesn't have to be exhausting when your axe of choice is ultralight! A whole new meaning to self arrest! 

Last Minute Costume Idea?

Ski masks are so last year. Wth mosquitos being the deadliest animal on earth, what's spookier than a bug netted trick or treater? Sour patch kids don't fit through mesh...

What is That Thing?!?

Is it a pack liner? Or is it a 50L ghost that spends its time haunting and waterproofing your pack? Truely hard to say...

Blue GOOOOOO?!?!??

Blue food is inharently creepy. Disagree?

Garlic Cures All

Need to keep vampires or overly social campsite neighbors away? Garlic hummus will do the trick! Plus... attracting bears is always spooky!

Last Line of Defense

Vampire make it past the garlic? Whelp, you're probably skrewed, but might as well reach for a stake. Who needs a perfectly pitched shelter if you're dead? 💀

Spooky GGGear!