Cloud Gear

Cloud Gear's mission is to encourage more people to spend time outdoors by providing inspiring gear. Using the best modern technical fabrics, innovative designs, and expert craftmanship to create products you'll love to use! Built in Texas and tested all over the world, their gear is tough, light-weight, and fun. Cloud Gear was founded in 2020. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

Dandee Packs

Dandee Packs is as small as they come. As a one-man cottage company, founder Dan Dodman is dedicated to personally handcrafting every item that leaves his tiny basement shop with attention and care. Now that's true love! Dandee Packs was founded in 2019. Based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Bushka's Kitchen

Bushka’s Kitchen was created for the risk takers, the rebels, the journey junkies that want to live and breathe the outdoors. Their lineup of nutritionally balanced, delicious, freeze-dried meals will fuel any wild adventure – whether your wild is relaxing with family on a starlit camping trip or conquering the toughest mountaineering experiences. Ready to eat by simply adding hot or cold water, Bushka’s Kitchen menu balances the need for a tasty while still healthy, gourmet yet affordable, filling but lightweight outdoor meal. They emphasize the important role proteins, carbohydrates, and fats play in outdoor nutrition to support feeling both full and fueled in the backcountry. Made by adventure seekers for adventure seekers. Bushka's Kitchen was founded in 2018. Based out of San Francisco, California.

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Red Paw Packs

Matt started teaching himself how to sew backpacking gear so that he could grow his gear ​collection and be able to take more friends out on backpacking trips. As a broke college student, he found that the ability to make gear was a surprisingly less expensive way to expand his backpacking kit. Better yet, it increased the number of people that he could help accommodate whether they needed a full kit or just a piece here and there. He's learned so much from making backpacks and fanny packs. Seeing something get created start to finish really helps you to understand the intricacies of how a single item comes to be, as well as what makes quality construction. His backpacking gear designs are metaphorically and literally the products of his own blood, sweat and tears. Sleepless nights and trial and error have led to where they stand now. Red Paw Packs was founded in 2018. Based out of Boulder, Colorado

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Alpen Fuel

Shaun and his wife Emily started Alpen Fuel in the fall of 2018, and began stocking their online store with many different quality food products from smaller brands.  Alpen Fuel began as a small side business while Shaun pursued his engineering career with a laser optics manufacturing company.  All Alpen Fuel profits were put towards growing the business.  In June of 2020, Shaun was laid off from his job as a result of the economic downturn surrounding COVID-19.  After being laid off, Shaun and his wife Emily decided to pursue their passion - grow Alpen Fuel into a full time business.  They started by launching four flavors of high octane breakfast granola in the fall of 2020. Based out of Bozeman, Montana.

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