Erick "Styles" Gaudreau

Erick is an AT & PCT thru-hiker, trail runner, and dog owner. From Ashburnham Massachusetts, his favorite place on earth is the White Mountains of New Hampshire. If you're wondering, he's an American Chop Suey kinda guy!

Instagram: @egoodsyahknow

Tyler "Prodigy" Lau

Tyler is an avid outdoor enthusiast who found a passion for hiking at a young age. In December 2018, he became the first person of color and tenth person overall to complete a Calendar Year Triple Crown (hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail in 9 months). His interests in the outdoors coincide with his passion for creating more opportunities for diverse communities to get outside. He hopes to inspire the next generation of youth to be outdoor stewards and find more joy and passion outside.

Instagram: @hikingprodigy

Sebastian Marra

Hey guys, my name is Sebastian. I just graduated in December of 2018 from an engineering school in Northern New York. Being so close to the Adirondacks sparked my interest in hiking, specifically peak bagging, and I completed my 46er (hiking all peaks in the ADK above 4000') in the Fall of 2017. I also hiked the Long Trail in Vermont, and am currently in the process of planning/completing a PCT NOBO thruhike this summer. In the winter, I'm usually at the ski mountain most weekends, but I would really like to get into snowshoeing.

Instagram: @seb_marra

Danielle “Giggles” O’Farrell

Danielle “Giggles” O’Farrell lives in her hometown of San Francisco and loves chocolate and long walks that are usually in the mountains instead of on the beach. After hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017, Danielle began focusing on routes and is most proud of her 270 mile off-trail hike solo through the High Sierra linking the Southern Sierra High Route with the Sierra High Route. She is a Wilderness EMT, Leave No Trace Master Educator, and California Naturalist. In 2018 she founded With The Wild Things LLC, an outdoor skills company that provides Wilderness First Aid certifications, thru-hike coaching, Leave No Trace training and basic backpacking courses. Most of all, she is excited to share that she will be attempting to link the Continental Divide Trail with the Great Divide Trail in the summer of 2019!

Instagram: @withthewildthings 

Justine Diaz

Justine is an expat from Michigan living in Norway. Work as a marine biologist, her favorite outdoor activities include trail running, hiking, camping, and most recently bouldering! Justine's dog Pancho is with her as much as possible, and it will be a lot easier to bring him along once her van gets converted for epic road trips.

Instagram: @explore.with.beans

Justin "2taps" Helmcamp

Justin became 2taps on the Appalachian Trail in 2016 and since then can't seem to stop walking places. Originally from Wisconsin, Justin has been working in Olympic National Park since 2018 while exploring the West Coast and doing the whole vanlife thing. Trails have inspired his photography and he hopes to be able to share images of the places and people that get him most excited about the outdoors.

Instagram: @justinhelmkamp