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    Shaun Hansen

    Shaun is from Spring Grove, Minnesota and is a avid rock climber, boulder-er, and mountaineer. For Shaun there is absolutely nothing more rewarding the some back yard BBQ after a stout climbing session, and when he is not in the land of trees and rock, he is a carpenter building houses, and a volunteer firefighter.

    Instagram: @shaun_hans1

    Maria Watrous

    Maria is a fanatical hiker and general outdoors enthusiast who has literally lived all over (if you can think of a place, she has probably lived there). She is also a fan of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and her favorite food item is a cheeseburger (which is also the name of her dog). She claims she would never eat her though.

    Instagram: @adventureM82

    Kelly McMahon

    Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Kelly is the renaissance man of the Northwoods! He is a climber, paddler, skier, sailor, and generally ridiculously wonderful human. Kelly enjoys cheese as his food of choice, and can currently be found in Duluth Minnesota hanging out on Lake Superior. 

    Instagram: @iwannaplayoutside

    Erick Gaudreau

    Erick is an AT thru hiker, trail runner, and dog owner. From Ashburnham Massachusetts, his favorite place on earth is the White Mountains of New Hampshire. If you're wondering, he's an American Chop Suey kinda guy!

    Instagram: @egoodsyahknow

    Pierce Fitzpatrick

    Pierce is an avid backpacker and rock-stacker from Saline Michigan whose favorite place on earth is Thorsmork Iceland! To say Pierce likes gear is an understatement. To say Pierce loves gear is also probably an understatement, but its closer to the truth. If you happen to be making omlettes, this guy is interested!

    Instagram: @Pierce.Fitzpatrick

    Charlie Dickson

    Charlie Dickson is a product of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he currently lives in Bozeman Montana. He spends his time going to school and experiencing everything the western mountains have to offer. Backcountry skiing and climbing are just a few of the outdoor sports he can’t get enough of. He loves any kind of sandwich accompanied by a fresh brew of Yerba Mate. 

    Instagram: @char_ski

    Hayden Messer

    Raised in the PNW, Hayden is an avid outdoorsman who spends a majority of his time hiking, as well as guiding day hikes and overnight trips. Hayden also enjoys crafting his own fly rods, and he loves some slow smoked bear ribs and a good IPA!

    Instagram: @treelinehikingco

    Alex Perronne

    Alex hails from Cleveland Wisconsin and enjoys nothing more than going paddling or climbing! Alex's favorite place on earth is the Wolf River, and he can currently be found at the University of Lacrosse eating his fair share of burritos.

    Instagram: @alex_perronne

    Austin Lynch

    Austin was born in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. After working as a research scientist for 4 years, he was the lucky recipient of a mid-twenties crisis, during which he built a home out of an old ambulance and started traveling the country. When he isn't driving (or taking the van into the shop) you can find him out rock climbing, hiking, or strumming his guitar. 


    Dan Hoffmann

    Dan is originally from Batavia, Illinois.  The mountains brought him to Utah in 2011 and he's been pursuing outdoor education in the West ever since. He instructs hiking and climbing for NOLS and ski patrol for Park City Mountain Resort. He loves himself some Chef Boyardee!

    Instagram: @dhoffmann7