Ultraglide Bear Line (50' Hank) by Lawson Equipment


Size: 2.3mm
$ 16.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Florida | Est. 2008

The Ultraglide Bear Line was specifically designed to be used as a bear bagging line. It is Ultra Strong, Ultra Slick, Ultra Light and Ultra Tough. Which means that our UltraGlide effortlessly glides and slides over tree limbs and will not get hung up. Our testers have commented that it feels like there is a pulley in the tree. The cord features a double color fleck which adds a pop of color to the line and protects the reflective tracer from abrasion.

After braiding, the line is pre-stretched and polished which makes the surface extra smooth. While its super slick, it holds knots well. But we recommend a little extra tail on your knots. This is the best bear bagging line out there.

See specs tab for details!


Diameter & Weight:

2.3mm (3/32"),  1.70oz per 50'
3.5mm (9/64"),  3.6oz per 50'

Length: 50 feet

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