Ultralight Pouches by UltraliteSacks


Material: TX50 Ultra Sail White
Size: Medium Pouch (6" x 5.5")
$ 13.99


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Brookings, OR | Est. 2019

Handmade ultralight zippered pouches. They are a perfect way to keep organized but not add any additional ounces to your pack. This pouch is HIGHLY water-resistant. Perfect for keeping anything from first aid kits and maps to toiletries and repair kits.

Note: UltraliteSacks is switching from Dyneema to a more heavy duty material known as ULTRA fabric. It utilizes the same type of UHMWPE fibers but on the face fabric instead of the backing. Weights are nearly identical and both are 100% waterproof fabrics. Additionally, the new ULTRA fabric utilizes recycled materials!



  • Small Pouch: 4" tall x 7.5" wide
  • Medium Pouch: 6" tall x 5.5" wide
  • Wide Pouch: 5" tall x 9.5" wide
  • Large Pouch: 9" tall x 9" wide 

Weight: 0.3-0.5oz


TX50 Ultra Sail White

  • 50d triple ripstop polyester face, 45° Ultra™ CrossPly yarn, 0.25 mil PET film backing
  • 2.4 oz/yd² , 82 gsm

TX70 Ultra Silver

  • 70d triple Ripstop face, UHMPWE (Ultra yarn) cross pattern yarn sandwiched between, film backing

ULTRA 100 Storm Grey:

  • 100d face Ultra-PE blended with high-tenacity polyester, 0.5 mil RUV™ film backing
  • 2.92 oz/yd² , 99 gsm

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