UL Gravity Filter Hang System by common gear

$ 11.45


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in San Francisco, CA | Est. 2023

For ultralight backpackers and through hikers who value efficiency and simplicity, the UL Filter Hang System is an essential tool. It's designed to make water filtration hassle-free with its one-handed, knot-free suspension capability, easily attaching to most gravity filters.

Crafted from high-temperature carbon fiber nylon using advanced manufacturing techniques, this system is not only durable but also remarkably lightweight, weighing less than 10 grams. Its yard-long rope and strong cleat ensure versatility and reliability in diverse outdoor settings. This system, with its focus on practicality and minimal weight, offers a reliable solution for water filtration needs in various outdoor environments.


  • One-Handed Operation: Innovative design that allows for effortless, one-handed suspension makes it incredibly easy for ultralight backpackers and through hikers to set up their gravity filters, even in challenging outdoor conditions
  • Ultra-Lightweight Construction: By utilizing high-temperature carbon fiber nylon and advanced additive manufacturing techniques with adaptive infill, it offers an unparalleled blend of strength and featherweight design, ensuring your pack remains light without sacrificing functionality
  • Versatile and Strong: Equipped with a yard-long rope and a robust cleat, crafted to offer exceptional strength and durability
  • Compatible with most gravity filters and can be easily suspended from branches or beams, making it an ideal companion for diverse outdoor environments and ensuring clean water access is always within reach



  • Cord length: 1 yard
  • Maximum load capacity: 45lbs

Weight: 0.3oz | 9g

Materials: Carbon Fiber Nylon Composite

Made in the USA

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