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    NW Alpine

    Bill Amos is a passionate climber. But that wasn’t the only reason he decided to launch NW Alpine – a Portland, Oregon outdoor clothing company committed to manufacturing all of its products in the U.S.

    Bill enjoys the study of economics. In 2008, when the economy turned south, Bill was driven to research what had happened, and to uncover a solution. “I came to the conclusion that the only way that the economy could have a real recovery is by bringing manufacturing back to the States,” Bill said.

    Bill decided he needed to start a manufacturing business. He loved climbing, so he put his focus on climbing apparel. At the time, established climbing brands were shifting toward lifestyle products. Unimpressed, Bill committed to creating apparel for the core user.

    “I wanted clothes that were stripped down aesthetically that you could actually use for climbing, not just for walking your dog—for people who are actually climbing and not just want to look like they’re climbing,” Bill said.