Roll-Top Stuff Sacks by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Size: Small (3L)
$ 49



Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Biddeford, ME | Est. 2010

Light, durable & compressible

If you travel through wet climates regularly (or even occasionally) and want to keep your critical pieces of gear dry, look no further. Hand built using DCF11 fabric these Roll-Top Stuff Sacks can quickly become an essential part of any pack system.

With four sizes to choose from, for anything from a small food bag to a pack liner, there’s no shortage of uses. But keep in mind that these are not a fully sealed closure, or considered a dry bag in the traditional sense. Although when rolled down enough, they’re as close as it gets without the added weight.




    • Volume: 3L
    • Dimensions: 6" Dia x 12" T 
    • Weight: 0.8oz 


    • Volume: 10L
    • Dimensions: 7.5" Dia x 17" T
    • Weight: 1.2oz


    • Volume: 25L
    • Dimensions: 9" Dia x 24" T
    • Weight: 1.59oz


    • Volume: 43L
    • Dimensions: 12" Dia x 28" T
    • Weight: 2.0oz

    Materials: DCF11

    Made in Mexico


    Ideal for: Providing an extra barrier of protection inside your pack, clothing, bulky cold weather gear, sleeping bag, any backpack, any activity, any environment

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