Ultralight Trowel by BoglerCo

Color: Neon Green
$ 17.95


Ships in 1-2 business days | Based in Elmhurst, IL | Est. 2018

An instant classic!

Use this high-grade aluminum trowel to pry through rocky soil without fear of bending or damaging the tip.


  • Lifetime Warranty against breakage under normal use conditions
  • Thin edge: cuts cleanly through turf and small roots
  • Serrated edge: cuts through medium roots
  • End cap protects your palm from metal edge and affords a full-strength dig
    • Attached with 2 stainless steel screws
  • Compared to Deuce #2, The BoglerCo UL trowel is longer, lighter, and more comfortable to use
  • Holes along the spine improve grip while digging
    • Thread a rope through the two holes in the center of the trowel to use it as a deadman anchor. 
  • Doubles as a spare tent stake, shoehorn and flyswatter

To demonstrate the strength of this trowel, BoglerCo used a rock to hammer it into the hardest ground he could find and pulled back on the handle with a pull scale using a stick for leverage. It read 42 lb of force before it threw a big chunk of dirt and rocks into the air. The trowel was not damaged.

***Do not use this product in fire. Exposure to open flame will change the heat treatment properties of the metal, weakening it.



  • Length: 7.25"

Weight: 0.48oz / 13.5g

    Materials: Aircraft grade aluminum

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