The (Nearly) Complete List of Small, Startup & Cottage Outdoor Brands

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Small Startup Cottage Outdoor Gear Brands UL Backpacking Thru-Hiking Garage Grown Gear

After hundreds of emails and years of your requests, we finally did it. We compiled a list of small, startup, and cottage brands! Huzzah! This list is not totally comprehensive, but it's our first stab, and with your help, we are confident it can become the best darn list/resource for those looking to explore our little ecosystem of brands. 

A great many of these brands are available through Garage Grown Gear (with free shipping over $20!). We've also included brands that we're aware of and think highly of but do not yet sell. 

Check out our list and get clicking! Did we miss a brand you think should be included? Let us know in the comment section below and we'll get them added. 

allmansright Backpacks/Accessories
Alpine Fit Apparel
Alpine Start Instant Coffee
Alum Equipment Backpacks
AntiGravityGear Apparel/Accessories
Appalachian Gear Company Alpaca Apparel
Arrowhead Equipment Hammocks
As Tucas Apparel/Quilts/Shelters
Atom Packs Backpacks
BearVault Bear Bins
Bedrock Sandals Sandals
BeenCampin DCF Good Gear/Stuff Sacks
Bight Gear Apparel
Big Sky International Shelters
BioLite Headlamps/Stoves
Black Rock Gear Down Apparel
Borah Gear Down Appare/Shelters
Borealis Wool Co. Wool Apparel
CampCraft Coffee Instant Coffee
Cascade Wild Ultralight Tables
Cascadia Coffee Roasters Instant Coffee
CiloGear Backpacks
Cedarpass Creative Lifestyle Apparel
Cedar Ridge Outdoors Quilts
Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear Backpacks
Cloudline Socks Socks
Cold Case Gear Cold Weather Accessories
Cooke Custom Sewing Shelters/Backpacks
Cnoc Outdoors Water Containers
CragDog Dog Gear
Crux Backpacks
CS Coffee Instant Coffee
Cumulus Sleeping Bags/Apparel
Cusa Tea Instant Tea
Dandee Packs Backpacks
Darn Tough Socks Socks
DD Hammocks Hammocks
Deliberate Life Designs Custom Sandals
Dirty Girl Gaiters Gaiters
Dream Hammocks Hammocks
Duckworth Wool Apparel
DutchWare Gear
Fabric Wholesaler
Dyborg Ultralight Gear Ultralight Accessories
Eclipse Sun Products Protective Sun Apparel
Enlightened Equipment Quilts/Synthetic Apparel
Ever Green Adventure Foods Dehydrated Meals
Farm to Feet Farm to Feet
Feathered Friends Sleeping Bags
Fernweh Food Co.
Dehydrated Meals
Flowfold Ultralight Wallets
Food for the Sole
Dehydrated Meals
Frau Fowler Powdered Toothpaste
Genius Outdoors Long Spoons
Give'r Leather Gloves
Glacial Gear Sweat Rags
Good To-Go
Dehydrated Meals
Goosefeet Gear Down Apparel
Gossamer Gear Backpacks
Granite Gear
Grayl Water Bottles
Greenbelly Meals Meal Replacement Bars
Green Goo
Groundbird Gear Dog Gear
Gryphon Gear Quilts/Sleeping Bags
Hammock Gear
Quilts/Sleeping Bags
Hawbuck Ultralight Wallets
Heather's Choice
Dehydrated Meals
Hennessy Hammock Hammocks
HeroClip Carabiners
High Tail Designs DCF Apparel/Stuff Sacks/Fanny Packs
Hikers Brew Coffee
Hillsound Ultralight Stools and Gaiters
Hilltop Packs DCF Accessories
Hummingbird Hammocks Hammocks
HydroBlu Water Filters
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Backpacks/Shelters/Accessories
Jacks "R" Better Quilts
Joe Chocolate Caffeinated Chocolate 
Justin's UL Water Bottle Pouches
Kammok Hammocks and Tarps
Katabatic Gear Quilts/Backpacks
Kate's Real Food Bars/Snacks
Klymit Sleeping Pads/Sleeping Bags/Tents
Kora Outdoor Yak Wool Apparel
KS Ultralight Gear Backpacks
Kuju Coffee Pour Over COffee
Kula Cloth Pee Cloths
Lawson Equipment Cordage/Titanium Goods
Life Elements CBD Salves and Balms
LiteHeart Gear Shelters/Apparel
LiteAF Backpacks/DCF Accessories
Little River Packs Backpacks
Loco Libre Gear Quilts
Locus Gear Shelters/Trekking Poles/Apparel
LoopAlien Knot Tying Accessories
LuminAID Lighting
Luna Sandals Sandals
Melanzana Fleece Apparel
Minimul Packs Backpacks
Morsel Utencils
Mochilera Gear Quilts
Mountain Laurel Designs Quilts/Backpacks
Mystery Ranch Backpacks
Napacks Accessories
Nashville Pack Backpacks
Next Mile Meals
Dehydrated Meals 
Nomad Nutrition
Dehydrated Meals 
Northern Lites Snowshoes
Northern Ultralight Backpacks
Noso Patches Repair Patches
Nunatak Quilts/Apparel
NW Alpine Climbing Apparel
Ombraz Armless Sunglasses
OMM Apparel
Orange Mud Trail Running Gear
Outdoor Herbivore
Dehydrated Meals 
Outdoor Pantry
Dehydrated Meals 
Packit Gourmet Dehydrated Meals 
Pa'lante Packs Backpacks
pStyle Female Urination Device
Purple Rain Adventure Skirts Hiking Skirts/Kilts
QiWiz  Trowels
Ragged Mountain Apparel
Rainy Day Forge (Aka ULK) Knives
Range Bar Meal Replacement Bars
Rawlogy Massage Balls
Recap Hats
Red Paw Packs Fanny Packs
Rinord Shorts
Ripstop by the Roll Fabric Wholesaler
Roscoe Outdoor Pants
Ruta Locura Carbon Fiber/Titanium Accessories
Sasquatch Fuel Dehydrated Meals
Saunter Packs Backpacks
Senchi Designs Polartec® Alpha® insulation Hoodies
Shamma Sandals Sandals
Six Moon Designs Shelters/Packs/Accessories
Ski Balm Balms/Salves
Skida Hats
Skylight Gear Custom Apparel/Shelters
SlingFin Shelters/Backpacks
Solo Stove Stoves
Space Bear Bags DCF Accessories
Steeped Coffee Pour Over Coffee
Stunt Puppy Dog Gear
Supai Adventure Gear Pack Rafts
Superior Wilderness Designs Backpacks
Superior Fleece Fleece Apparel
Tarptent Shelters
Terra Rosa Gear Tarps/Shelters
The TentLab Trowels
Thrunotes Waterproof Notebooks
Thrupack Fanny Packs/Accessories
Timmermade Down Apparel/Sleeping Bags
Titanium Goods
Trail Butter Nut Butter
Trailtopia Dehydrated Meals
UGQ Quilts
ULA Backpacks
UltraliteSacks DCF Accessories
Unshoes Ultralight Sandals
Ursack Bear Bags
Vargo Outdoor Titanium Goods
Venture Wipes Body Wipes
Voke Tab Caffeine Tablets
Voormi Merino Wool Apparel
Wander Woman Gear
Pee Cloths
Waymark Gear Co. Backpacks
Warbonnet Hammocks
Westbound Gear Fanny Packs/Accessories 
Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bags/Quilts
Whitebox Stoves Stoves
Wintergreen Northern Wear Winter Apparel
Wool-it Blister Prevention
Xero Shoes Sandals/Shoes
YAMA Mountain Gear Backpacks/Shelters
YAR.gear Backpacks
Zimmerbuilt Backpacks
Zpacks Backpacks/Quilts/Shelters/Apparel
Small Startup Cottage Outdoor Gear Brands UL Backpacking Thru-Hiking Garage Grown Gear
Trends & top 10


John Simpson

John Simpson

Deviation Ski & Snowboard Works! Made in Portland Oregon.



I would add Seek Outside and EXO Mountain Gear.



Some considerations:

= have purchased from them
*Sierra Madre Research (similar to Kammok)
*Wristies [making masks at the moment] Cold Case Gear (insulated bags)
Altera Alpaca (socks)
Asolo USA (shoes)
Atom Packs
Backcountry Staples (DIY Food)
Wildly Good (formally Bear Feet Company)
Bear Paw Wilderness Designs
Beyond (clothing)
Bisgear {no web site, Amazon and Facebook}
Blue Flame Footwear (socks)
Coalatree (outdoor wear)
Cotopaxi (clothing, packs)
Flap Jacked (food)
Helen Knows Best (skin care)
Humangear (utensils, soft bottles)
Justin’s UL (backpack pouches) {Etsy, facebook}
Lightheart Gear (UL tents)
Little Shop of Hammocks {Canada}
Luxe Hiking Gear
Mac in a Sac {Ireland}
MilesGear (tents, DIY)
Mexitan (sun and bug protection)
Mom’s Stuff (skin care)
End round one

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