9 Amazing Black Hikers to Follow on Instagram

Tyler “Prodigy” Lau & Amy Hatch

One small but important step we can all take to support #blacklivesmatter is to be intentional with who we follow and listen to. A willingness to step outside one's normal sphere helps foster empathy and understanding, which lays the foundation for meaningful action. While social media is by no means an end-all-be-all, it can be a phenomenal resource for augmenting our JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) education and amplifying the voices we all want to see take center stage.

To help with this process, today we're giving a shout out to Black hikers who are challenging us to examine our stereotypes about who belongs in the outdoors, and who are inspiring a better tomorrow. Give these amazing people a follow and then pay close attention to what they have to say. 

Will "Akuna" Robinson (@akunahikes)

Veteran seeking peace while hiking long trails becomes the first Black man to complete the Triple Crown of Hiking in the US

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I am absolutely blown away with how incredible these turned out!! @mariedraws_thepct your are truly talented and you captured these moments so well. Even though these where all moments of racism on the A.T. that pissed me off your illustration put a smile on my face. #blacklivesmatter off and on trail folks!✊🏾✊🏾 UPDATE: If you think that this behavior is limited to one trail then check out @mariedraws_thepct Page and the illustrations of some the experiences that Stark Naked @pctwa11acew had on the PCT! #createyourtrail #PCT2016 #pct2017 #at2018 #cdt2019 #azt2020 #Nct2020 #arizonatrail #northcountrytrail #withguthook #hmgtribe #triplecrownofhiking #triplecrown #thruhike #thruhiker #unlikelyhikers #unlikelythruhikers #brownpeoplecamping #hiking #hikingadventures #melaninbasecamp #outdoorafro #blackoutdoors #thetrek #akunahikes #teamgoodvibes #tgv

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Elsye "Chardonnay" Walker (@elsyew)

First Black woman to complete the Triple Crown of Hiking in the US


Gina Danza ( @wildginaa)

Photographer, director, producer, captures the present moment with grace through her photography

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Summer 2017. I was on my way to pick up Chipotle for my ex and I. The same route I always take but this time, I noticed something new. A rock climbing gym. I saw this sign multiple times next to a brighter sign that said “baseball cages”. However, never paid attention to the little sign slightly behind it as I zoomed past it on the highway every few days. I mentioned the climbing facility to my ex fiancé over dinner however by the conversation, I figured he didn’t really have much interest. I decided to go alone later that week. It was a Wednesday night and ladies were half off for a day pass and gear. I walked in and was welcomed to a small gym with ropes. FEAR. I did not like heights and I didn’t even think of bringing a friend. Then, I caught a man on the back wall. “Do you need a spotter or ropes for that wall?, I asked the attendant. “No! It’s bouldering and super fun.” I was intrigued. I paid my fee and gear then walked around with the white, male attendant as he showed me around. All white people. I felt eyes on me as I passed a couple on top rope and another group taking turns on lead. “And, here is the bouldering area. There is a sheet on the wall with grades and how to fall. Pretty simple.” I nodded as he smirked and walked away. I was alone. I looked at my smelly rental shoes and opted to keep my socks on. I looked around at the other climbers who had their fancy shoes and shiny gear. It brought back uncomfortable memories of grade school as I had paperbags on my books instead of the new book socks because we couldn’t afford them. I took a deep breath and saw the chalk bag next to me. I watched the lone guy in the boulder area across the way. He dipped his hands in the chalk and slapped his hands together like a hulk smash. A cloud of smoke appeared and I did not want that in my eye. I slowly dipped my hands into the chalk bag and felt this velvet soft powder elevate my senses. It was like a placebo effect of a pre workout for your fingertips. I walked over to the wall as I covered my hands in chalk. “V0...”, I squinted and whispered to myself. I stood in front the first hold and placed one, nervous hand on the jug. (Continued in comments)

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Amanda "Zuul" Jameson (@browngirlonthenst)

Long distance hiker, writer and advocate working with under-priviledged and minoritized youth to get outside

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went looking for black joy on Juneteenth. found a bunch. decided to add my own. × × × this was a morning on the Grand Enchantment Trail where I'd just found a pair of swimming goggles (bottom center) in the desert and just hit a dangerous road leading to a town I wasn't stopping in (Morenci) but the sun was coming up and it was warm enough not to wear a coat but not so hot I wanted to tear my skin off and I didn't have to worry about navigating for a couple of miles and i just felt like singing. so I belted a bunch of showtunes acapella and I took a selfie to show myself that this trial/trail wasn't all suffering. that there was some good even if there were so many miles to go.

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Teresa Baker (@teresabaker11)

Founder of the @outdoorceopledge whose been at the forefront of the movement to diversify the outdoor industry


Daniel "Blackalachian” White (@theblackalachian)

Having never gone camping before Daniel took his first steps on the AT in 2017 and hasn't looked back, traveling the world and helping bring a fresh perspective to the outdoors

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Who Am I? And how did I get into Hiking?... . . . Complex Answer: Before I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail I had never hiked or camped a day in my life. I was a rapper , electrician by day..I found out about the trail from my cousin in January 2017, April I was starting my hike... . . I went to the woods for peace, escape.. 2016 Election Racist ass news stories, overworked by a pretty successful Black man who told me “my dreams weren’t what was best for me”... . Bad breakup, ex moved on the same street so I had to ride past her house with the new boyfriend on the way to a job that I hated playing Drake tunes the whole way..😭😭😭😂 . . My thought was “ I’ve been to prison, sold crack, survived shootouts, did a 180°, learned a trade, and avoided recidivism... HOW HARD COULD HIKING BE???”... . . . Now I’m 3,000+ miles on feet and 2,000 miles on a bike... I hike to heal my mental and my soul, to recharge, to avoid stupid mfs, and to smoke big doinks with great views..✌🏾✊🏾🖤 . . . Simple Answer: I’m Everything, and I Do this Sh**... . . . #BlackHikersWeek #TheBlackalachian

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Latria Graham (@mslatriagraham)

Writer, storyteller and the only Black woman writing for the Outdoor Retailer publication

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I dont often get to write about having fun in the great outdoors, but that's why I'm there in the first place! Here's a piece I wrote last year about trying something new in an environment I knew nothing about (@sheventuresearth) and being grateful for the chance to grow. #Repost @ospreypacks ・・・ "What if I find myself as the only black woman caught out in the woods with 100+ white women and no cell phone service? What if we go running and I’m slower than everybody else? Would these ladies think I’m a loser if I can’t master a new skill? What if these women just don’t like me? These questions ran like ticker tape through my mind and I couldn’t turn them off." - Head to our blog to read how @mslatriagraham did something she's never done before and learned that there is power in community. | 📷 by: Samatha Taylor / @make_adventure_stories

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Rahawa Haile (@rahawahaile)

Eritrean-American writer who hiked the AT in 2016 and is now writing a book for HarperCollins about the trail



Latasha Dunston (jitterbug_art)

Illustrator and painter who holds a  BFA in Illustration with a concentration in Scientific and Preparatory Medical Illustration. She creates stunning artwork that often incorporates natural outdoor beauty. She also loves cooking up a storm, tending to her plants, hiking and camping, and traveling to somewhere new!


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Kim Kremer

Kim Kremer

Thank you for sharing these! I cannot imagine what it’s like to be a BIPOC on the trail. I’m hopeful we’ll all work to increase the diversity of folks recreating in the backcountry. These lands belong to all of us.

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