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As an avid backpacker and kayaker, I love that both of these activities require the willingness to transport only the essentials – exactly what you need and nothing more. My interest in VSSL stems from this desire, and it also connects to my longing for a sense of functional simplicity. I had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the VSSL Supplies, an all-in-one survival kit housed inside a flashlight, and here are my thoughts!

General Impressions 
of VSSL Supplies:

If you don't have the desire, knowledge or time to put together a survival kit on your own, VSSL has you covered! Housed inside a waterproof aluminum cylinder, VSSL Supplies has 7 compartmentalized and labeled tins for different survival situations.

These tins consist of: a medical kit, fishing supplies, fire starter, mirror, trail markers, whistle, can opener, water purification, rope, razor blade, and a wire saw. In addition to the enclosed tins, one end of VSSL Supplies' cylinder is a 3 LED flashlight and the other is a compass. The flashlight has 3 settings (full, dim, and SOS). A beeswax candle is included as well.

VSSL Supplies is waterproof, weighs 18 ounces, and seems totally outfitted for day hikes, overnights or long weekends. 

The Pros of VSSL Supplies:

There is something incredibly reassuring and simplistic about having a survival kit that is so easy to use and access. Since everything is in its own tin, VSSL Supplies is organized, unobtrusive, and customizable. Don't like one of the tins? Change the contents out for something else! 

The aluminum cylinder itself is light, durable, and waterproof, so when its not in use (which is most of the time, I hope), it's not a nuisance. The supplies themselves seem to be pretty high quality and they end up on the correct side of the ultralight vs. ultracrappy divide (light but not junky). The 3 LED light is also phenomenal and it fills up large spaces evenly (similarly to a quality lantern). 

Nothing is frivolous, nothing is incomplete. It's basic survival tools and that's the point! Don't like something? Modify, modify, modify! VSSL Supplies would also be a great backup to bring along just in case something happens to your "go to gear" (lighters, med kit, purification system, or headlamp).  

The Cons of 
VSSL Supplies:

The cons of VSSL Supplies are also its pros. Because it's basic and compartmentalized, in a prolonged emergency you would probably find yourself wanting a more substantial kit. However, VSSL Supplies wasn't designed to be a comprehensive solution to longterm survival; it was designed to be a quick and light kit for the unexpected. 

If you are looking to shed every available ounce and utilize every inch of your pack, the cylindrical shape of VSSL Supplies might also be a deterrent. The tins themselves add a great level of organization, but all the survival tools found in the VSSL Supplies could be packed in a lighter more compact way (crammed in a baggy or a small dry bag). But that's the point right? You forfeit a small bit of space and weight for a big chunk of convenience and accessibility. 

The Verdict:

Convenient, complete, and well made, I dig the simplicity of VSSL Supplies. It's got everything you need for a quick outing and it ensures you don't accidentally leave the basics behind. Its durability and waterproofness keep it out of mind while not in use, and its full range of tools make it incredibly useful when needed!


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Scott Clark

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Eileen Jacobsen

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shaun mccairn

would really enjoy the chance to try these products out wild camping

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Evan Matthews

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RIchard Toellner

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