Top New Outdoor Products of 2021

Lloyd Vogel

New gear is always a curiosity, and 2021 saw its fair share of sweet new products. Other great new products you want the world to know about? Let us know in the comment section! Want to see our Top New Outdoor Brands of 2021? Click HERE!


Torrid Pullover by Enlightened Equipment

"The Torrid Pullover is the best-selling Torrid Jacket but with a marsupial pouch and a 1/2 length zipper. With weights starting at 6.76 oz (192g), the Torrid Pullover packs an incredible warmth to weight ratio. The CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation keeps you warm even when wet, and the marsupial pouch is great for colds hands, maintaining battery life for electronics, or stashing your snacks! The pouch is insulated on both sides, making the Torrid Pullover a slightly warmer option than the Torrid Jacket. The pouch's high sides ensure that items stored within stay put."

Check out Torrid Pullover by Enlightened Equipment


Night Vision Stakes by at Stakes
At Stakes

"at Stakes have carbon-fiber shafts and aluminum reinforcements & tips- which is why they are so light! The basic stake (low stakes) weights only 3 grams, and only goes up to about 3.6 grams when you add a loop for easier extraction. We want to give our customers not only a super light and durable stake, but we like providing fun features for customers as well, to fancy-up their packs. Thats why we offer hi-visible loops, glow-in-the-dark, and bright colors that will stand out against the terrain."

Check out the Night Vision Stakes by at Stakes


Bears Ears 50 by Nunatak

"One of a kind lightweight pack that hauls big bear canisters comfortably and conveniently in rugged terrain...Carry the canister full and access food easily during the day, without removing the can from the pack....Supports canisters 10.5" or longer. Optimized for: Bear Vault 500, Bearikade Weekender, Blazer, Expedition and larger. Does not work with BV 450 and Scout sized cans. "

Check out the Bears Ears 50 by Nunatak


Goose Down Jacket by ZpacksZpacks Down Jacket

"When those cold nights in the backcountry hit, stay warm and cozy with our Goose Down Jacket. Striking the perfect balance of warmth and weight,​ our ultralight Goose Down Jacket is the go-to insulated layer for outdoor adventurers looking to beat the chill at an unbeatable weight!"

Goose Down Jacket by Zpacks


UltraFire Knife by Renegade Outdoors
UltraFire Knife Renegade Outdoors

"The UltraFire Knife is an ultralight knife specifically designed to incorporate the two most essential parts of any survival, EDC, or emergency kit:  A good blade, and a firestarter.

The blade is a standard utility knife blade, and the unique blade clamp exposes nearly the entire blade length. This provides over 2-1/8 inches of usable cutting edge. The blade cover incorporates a firesteel rod which generates sparks that burn at 5,500 degrees to quickly and easily ignite tinder.   The grip and blade cover are made from lightweight durable Nylon with a textured non slip surface for a sure grip in any conditions."

Check out the UltraFire Knife by Renegade Outdoors


The Tiempo Pack by Nashville PacksTiempo Pack by Nashville Pack

"The Tiempo is designed for the fast packer, the day hiker, the FKTer, and anyone in between. It's well suited for a backwoods picnic, a quick overnighter, or a long summer push - and it does it all in insane comfort. With a max capacity of 17 liters, a minimalist and low-volume load will be needed for extended trips."

Check out the Tiempo Pack by Nashville Pack


Micro Cork Massage Balls by Rawlogy

"Designed to relieve tension and soreness in your body's "micro" muscles, Rawlogy Micros are ideal for massaging your fingers, hands, wrists, feet, and jaw. A favorite for hikers, runners, and climbers, they also work great for reducing the pain associated with repetitive stress and overuse injuries. Perfect as trail, travel, AND desk companions!"

Check out the Micro Massage Balls by Rawlogy


Big Wild 70 by Superior Wilderness Designs

"Named after our hometown stomping grounds which is often referred to as Michigan’s Big Wild. This load hauling pack is perfectly at home in any of the big wilds you may find yourself in. Whether floating the south fork of the Flathead, or on an extended trip in the Brooks Range, this pack is ready for any of your adventures."

Check out the Big Wild 70 by Superior Wilderness Designs


Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller

Good Afternoon and completed the requirements for entry into this fantastic giveaway. My daughter and son in law recently completed a week at Joshua Tree and have more adventures planned so I would share any possible winnings with them.



Hey Joshua! We wish that too :)

Joshua Foster

Joshua Foster

Love the nunatak bears ears 50! Wish you guys could stock it!

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