Kickstarter Roundup: The One Shell, Solo Stove, STAG Rack, and 1.8oz eating tool!

Lloyd Vogel

This week's roundup features 4 Kickstarter projects that are seeking your support! Check out The One, the STAG Rack, Solo Stove's 2 new firepits, and The Splitter!


Do your outdoor activities revolve around biking and skiing? Designed to turn any vehicle into an effective transporter of your favorite gear, the STAG Rack is a suction rack system that allows users to easily go from the garage to the trailhead/slopes. This wildly useful rack can store 2 bikes, 4 pairs of skis, or 4 snowboards, and it can switch from carrying bikes to carrying skis in as little as 2 minutes. We dig.

We've created the STAG Rack with multi-sport athletes like YOU in mind. With interchangeable sport attachments, it allows you to ski, bike, or snowboard with just a single rack on any car! Turn your ‘commuter’ into an adventure car, and get to the mountain or your favorite riding spot quickly and securely. 

We know- vacuum cups? Are they strong enough? We've tested our vacuum cups extensively and can assure that the 1600+ pounds of certified pull strength is plenty strong! In rain, snow, or extreme heat these cups aren't going to budge- also, we have a 1-year warranty to back up our claim!

Learn more about the STAG Rack on Kickstarter!



Solo Stove is at it again with another wildly successful Kickstarter! This campaign funds the creation of 2 new firepits: the Yukon and the Ranger. The Yukon is Solo Stoves biggest firepit to date and it is a true leviathan. The Ranger, on the other hand, is a smaller version designed for the city dwellers who might not have the room for the Yukon. Given the smaller size of the Ranger, it looks pretty ideal for those looking to bring a firepit along for car camping, tailgating, marshmallow roasting, or general fire enjoyment in a multitude of places. It's a mobile firepit and that's pretty neat!

Solo Stove Yukon can be left in one place as a stationary fire pit and comes with a weatherproof cover to protect it. Solo Stove Yukon is 16 inches tall and a hefty 30 inches across and made from 304 stainless steel. The Solo Stove Yukon weighs in at a sturdy 45 lbs. 

We designed the Solo Stove Ranger with travelers and city dwellers in mind. We wanted to bring a functional and practical fire pit to those who may not have the space for a large fire. More portable than ever, the Solo Stove Ranger allows you to have a clean burning fire anytime, anywhere.  

Check out the Yukon and Ranger on Kickstarter!



No it's not The Shell by Hyperlite Mountain Gear or the Eyebright by NW Alpine, it's The One. Made from Dyneema, The One was created to be the only shell you need regardless of activity. Its ultralight, basically waterproof (though they refer to it as water resistant), breathable, and is built to be compatible with 2 other jackets: The Freeze and the Hybrid. While it's hard to identify many physical differences between The One and the 2 other Dyneema jackets previously listed, it sure does look sweet!

One jacket for everything. Based on a dream to own less but better gear we made one jacket, for all travel and all sports. Whether you are skiing in winter, sailing in summer, cycling in spring or running in autumn. This 5-in-1 jacket has got your back.

A 5-in-1 jacket. The One is the outer layer which is extremely breathable and light but at the same time fully water and wind resistant and strong. The One can be combined with two interchangeable zip-in layers. The Hybrid is made for high intensity conditions and The Freeze is made for extreme cold.

Check out The One on Kickstarter!



Pretty self-explanatory on this one, but The Splitter is a utensil set that functions as a long-handled spork, a spatula, and a set of tongs. Weighing just 1.8oz, it looks like a nifty option for looking to upgrade their eating tools! The long handled spork allows for easy eating out of meal pouches, and the spatula/tongs are a nice feature for those planning to actually cook themselves.

Being in the outdoors is a simple pleasure and we wanted to bring you a product that would be a simple pleasure to use! Introducing 'The Splitter -Titanium Multi Utensil' a SUPER light weight multi utensil that is compact and minimalist. The Splitter is made of two separate titanium utensils, 1 spatula and 1 long spork, that when joined together, turn into a handy set of tongs. It's the pinnacle of outdoor utensils, made from the highest quality materials available.

Check out The Splitter on Kickstarter!



Lloyd - Garage Grown Gear

Lloyd - Garage Grown Gear

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“[T]he spatula/tongs are a nice feature for those planning to actually cook themselves.”

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