Farm to Summit Review: Delicious, Nutrient-Dense Dehydrated Meals

Ali Becker
Farm to Summit Backpacking Food Review

Farm to Summit makes delicious, nutrient-dense, dehydrated backpacking meals using ‘seconds’ produce that they rescue from local farmers in and around Durango, Colorado. 

Alongside their diverse array of mouth-watering meals, they also offer hand and heart-warming instant beverages, like chili mochas, non-dairy or whole milk coffee lattes, and caffeine-free turmeric lattes. 

Farm to Summit’s flavor-packed food offerings and mindfully curated meals are brimming with seasonally selected, healthy ingredients and backed by an environmental consciousness that makes eating their meals good for you and for the planet.

All of their packaging is hot water safe and omni-degradable, meaning you can heat in it, eat out of it, then recycle it or toss it in your compost pile when you’re all done. It’s a win-win-win. 

Farm to Summit Dehydrated Healthy Backpacking Food Review


I was lucky enough to be selected to try out a handful of their meals, so with a pot of boiling water in tow, I went about the deliciously delightful task of doing just that. Below is my first-hand experience with how Farm to Summit foods filled my belly and fueled my adventures. 

Garden Mac & Cheese — 850 Calories | 34g Protein per package | $13.49

Farm to Summit Backpacking Food Review Mac n Cheese

Reminiscent of a traditional Italian pasta dinner, everything in this dish, from the protein-packed egg noodles to the shredded squash, zucchini, bell peppers and hearty greens, gets wrapped in a creamy white cheddar cheese sauce that was a delight for my taste buds.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easily recognizable each and every ingredient is when you first open up the dehydrated bag; the colors and textures really pop. This mac and cheese meal was full of flavor and the egg noodles held their enjoyable texture through to the end — no mushy mess here.

Farm to Summit Backpacking Food Review

I split this meal with my partner, and with the Golden Oats for dessert, it more than fueled a four-hour hike trudging through calf-deep snow in a beautiful and frosty, winter wonderland.

Golden Oats — 480 Calories | 12g Protein per package | $8.49

Farm to Summit Dehydrated Healthy Backpacking Food Review

The smell of warm cinnamon, turmeric and all-spice radiating off this bowl of Golden Oats made me feel like I was about to indulge in something that couldn't possibly be good for me. But as the list of easily pronounceable ingredients on the back of the package will attest, that is simply not the case

This combination of complex carbohydrates — quick oats, quinoa and shredded carrots — is perfectly balanced with some protein-packed powerhouses, like chia seeds and hemp hearts, and rounded out with some healthy fats like coconut flakes, powdered coconut milk and slivered almonds. 

A few delicious currants and a dash of maple sugar round out the sweetness of this meal without being over the top. It’s like a healthy hybrid of a freshly baked cinnamon bun and a moist piece of carrot cake!

Thai Red Curry — 660 Calories | 17g Protein per package | $14.49

Farm to Summit Backpacking Food Review

Of all the delicious Farm to Summit meals that I tried, the Thai Red Curry was my absolute favorite. Bursting with flavors of Southeast Asia, I felt transported to the tropics (while my feet remained firmly planted in six inches of fresh snow). 

The hearty base of basmati rice gives this meal the ideal density after a hard day’s effort, one that left me satiated but not over-stuffed. Loaded with delicious, rainbow-colored vegetables, like green beans, carrots, bell peppers, hearty greens, onions and garlic, I knew I was gleaning the nutrients I needed; while the Thai and sweet basil added some extra depth to the dish. 

Farm to Summit Dehydrated Healthy Backpacking Food Review

Last, but far from least, the sauce was absolutely delectable. A slightly spicy tamari sauce mixed with peanut butter and a Thai red curry made for a creamy combination that completely coated each rice-filled mouthful. It was divine. 

Being the spice wuss that I am, I didn’t need to add any extra heat to the meal, but the optional dehydrated Sriracha is a thoughtful addition for the spice lovers among us.

Green Chile Mac & Cheese — 890 Calories | 32g Protein per package | $13.49

Farm to Summit Dehydrated Healthy Backpacking Food Review

I’ve never been to the Southwest, but if everything there tastes this good, I’ve got to go. At first glance, this simple ingredient list had me wondering if my taste buds would feel like something was missing, but as soon as I dug into the bowl, all of those thoughts melted away.

The fire-roasted green chiles have a subtle spice that gives this meal a delicious and complex flavor. Alongside the protein-rich egg noodles and a tasty yellow cheddar cheese sauce, the combination of tomatoes, onions and garlic made for a meal that felt homemade by Nonna and loaded with love.

I devoured every last morsel of this meal after an extremely physical day on the farm, and felt fully and completely satisfied with the portion, texture, and flavor of the feast. 


Coconut Milk Turmeric Latte — 120 Calories | 8g Fat | $3.49

Farm to Summit Dehydrated Healthy Backpacking Food Review

It can be challenging to find a delicious instant drink option that isn’t caffeinated in this day and age, but Farm to Summit’s turmeric latte perfectly fits the bill. Brimming with ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper, and set against a calorie-dense base of powdered coconut milk, I found this beverage to be the perfect pick-me-up before a big morning of moving snow.

The flavor combination is just right; a hint of maple sugar perfectly balances out the spices, helping tame the turmeric, which can sometimes be a bit too bold for my tastebuds. I was extra excited to see that a little bit of crema appeared at the top of my mug.

Farm to Summit Dehydrated Healthy Backpacking Food Review

The only downside with this drink is that, in true powdered coconut milk fashion, it tends to clump up a bit on top, but it doesn’t seem to affect the overall deliciousness of the drink. You could likely massage the packet a bit better beforehand to break up the clumps, or mash them up with your spoon once you’ve added the water. Or, if you’re anything like me, you just drink them down and enjoy as is!

Final Thoughts 

Farm to Summit Dehydrated Healthy Backpacking Food Review

I would absolutely recommend every single meal and beverage that I have tried from Farm to Summit, and I can only imagine the rest of their line is equally as delicious and satiating as the ones I’ve listed above. 

I appreciate their thoughtful and healthy ingredients, their tasty flavor profiles, the texture of their meals and the amount of food in each portion. 

Beyond that, their commitment to capturing food waste at the farm level and prioritizing the planet with their products and packaging, reminds me that we each vote with our dollars and can all help make a difference. 

Now that Garage Grown Gear is carrying their delectable dishes, us adventurers North of the 49th parallel are able to order their meals directly to our Canadian soil, so that we can fuel our outings with food we feel good about.



Farm to Summit Backpacking Food Review
Farm to Summit



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Amy Hatch

Amy Hatch

Hi Arthur, the nutritional value of each meal is shown on the product pages themselves as a ‘photo.’ Hope that helps!

Ron, the idea is that people want to make sure there are ENOUGH calories in meals to fuel adventure … ie things can taste could but they also gotta help you go the distance.

Thanks for the comments. Cheers, Amy



I thought your narrative and comments were fine. If I’m out hiking I really don’t care how many calories a meal is. I’ll burn it off later

Arthur Gardener

Arthur Gardener

Please show nutritional values on back side of packets in large enough print to read without a magnifying glass!

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