First Look: CNOC Telescopic Trekking Poles

Gear ReviewLloyd Vogel

Interested in learning more about the CNOC Telescopic Trekking Poles? Checkout their Kickstarter! Available on discount until November 1st. Support a small brand doing a cool thing!

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Stephen Mills

Stephen Mills

Your video is compelling. I’d like to be alerted when these are in-stock with you, Lloyd. Though the EVA is your favorite for grippy cush… I’d like to purchase the cork grips as it is made fully in the USA.
Thanks for teaching us about new developments like CNOC and so many other excellent innovators.
Everything you have taught me and sold through GGG has been far better quality than my old school suppliers and the outdoors co-op near my home where my membership since 1970 sits idle. You get us the best.

Lloyd - Garage Grown Gear

Lloyd - Garage Grown Gear

Hey Keith!

No t-handle grips for now, but something that CNOC might do in the future. The poles themselves weight 7oz each!

Keith Boyd

Keith Boyd

Can I get a pair with the t-handle grips? I have back and hip issues that effect my mobility and require the extra support that comes from the horizontal grip, i.e. Mountainsmith. What is the weight of a pole? Thanx! Best to you with your start-up!

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