Top Kickstarters of 2019

Lloyd Vogel

Followed our weekly Kickstarter roundups? Here are our favorite Kickstarters (and Indiegogos) of 2019!


Give’r Frontier Mittens | The Best Damn Mittens Ever

The Give’r Frontier Mittens are all-leather exterior mittens made of premium cowhide, a superior insulation system, and a 100% waterproof (not just resistant or “kinda-sorta”...we’re talking 100%!) membrane. They will keep your hands nice and cozy — even in extreme cold.

Launched on Kickstarter, now on Indiegogo



The Altocumulus Down Jacket 2.0 by HIMALI™ 

Himali is back with another Kickstarter! This newest campaign introduces the 2.0 version of their Altocumulus Down Jacket. 9.8oz, 850 FP goosedown, and significantly slimmer than the original, if the 2.0 is anything as good as the 1.0, it's bound to be quality!

Your New Favorite Puffy! Ultralight, WARM, Water Resistant, and Self-Stuffable

UNTETHER FROM TEMPERATURE - That's the Cold Case Gear objective. We use Aerogel, that's right, that NASA stuff, to make our unique, patent pending, product line. It is ultra light and ultra insulating. It's the real workhorse behind the Cold Case Gear line.

Cold Case Gear makes products to insulate your food, water, fuel, and electronics from both extreme hot and cold. Store your cliff bars, energy gels, water filters, medication, and electronics in our pouch. The Pouch will protect them from whatever is happening outside so they can function as intended. 

Check out Cold Case Gear on Kickstarter



Here is Nanobook, in a nutshell:

  • Designed to be small enough to fit comfortably in your hand (8cm x 5cm) when you’re outdoors.
  • Nanobook made from stone, not trees. This next-generation material is non-organic and zero trees were harmed in its production.
  • Any weather, one paper. Will survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use.  
  • Any pen, even your key. Can use Several Means to write on Stone paper, even your key in case there is no pen on hand. 

Nanobook revolutionized taking notes in challenging conditions.

Check out the Nanobook on Kickstarter!



The G7 POD is a lightweight comfortable 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) 4-season insulated inflatable ledge that replaces the traditional 7.5kg (16.5lbs) single framed portaledge plus sleeping mat. Imagine climbing Grade VII walls lighter and faster than ever before. This ledge is so light it unlocks the impossible.  

The G7 POD is a big wall living space. The patent pending inflatable structure with integrated adjustable suspension system spreads the load to hang ridgid from any climbing anchor. 

Check out the G7 POD on Kickstarter!



These aren’t your typical outdoor shorts; the Rinord Shorts have perfectly designed pockets, convenient design features, and are made with a fabric that excels in both dry and wet environments. 

These are the shorts you’ll grab with confidence when you’re packing light for a big wilderness trip, heading out for a day on the river, or going on a trail run.

Check out the Rinord Shorts on Kickstarter



With a breathable hammock body, integrated insect net, and featherlight rainfly, the Mantis all-in-one hammock tent lightens your pack and takes camp off the ground. 

We designed the Mantis to make backpacking simpler, so you can pack less and cover more ground. Smaller than your sleeping bag and lighter than a 1-person tent, the Mantis offer a lightweight respite for hikers on trail.

Check out the Mantis on Kickstarter!



Uncharted Rapid Raft - World's Lightest Pack Raft 

The Rapid Raft from Uncharted Supply Co is the lightest and most packable raft to ever be made available to the public. Designed to fulfill a military request for rapid deployment and re-packing for fluid transition to the water, the Rapid Raft is perfect for camping, exploring, and even survival. This extremely durable 3 pound raft inflates in seconds and can hold 400 pounds.

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I picked up the Mantis UL through the Kickstarter. I love it!

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