5 Best Fall Layers from Small & Startup Outdoor Clothing Brands 

Amy Hatch

This week we share our five favorite fall layers. These are the shirts, hoodies and pullovers we reach for when versatility is the name of the game. Each of our selections can handle crisp and constantly changing temps. And, they transition seamlessly from trails and crags to school drop-offs and coffee shops. They can also be worn as standalone pieces or layered with vests, jackets and scarves to up their warmth factor. So, here it is, our choices for outdoorsy fall layers that are as functional and they are fashionable. (Fun side note: all photos are of me and were taken by my 7-year-old daughter!)


1. Women's Alpha Ascender Hoody by Bight Gear

This is the lightweight jacket that rules them all. It’s been obsessively designed my mountain guides, resulting in a layer that’s seemingly thought of everything. The only jacket I like more than this one is the Bight Gear Swelter Jacket, and it’s not uncommon for me to wear both, at the same time. 


2. Give’r Ol’ Faithful Pullover 

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say you haven’t experienced true comfort until you’ve pulled on a Give’r Ol’ Faithful. The secret of this layer is its interior plushness. Think puppy ears soft. Plus it offers up a sleek look featuring clearly well thought out touches.


3. Women’s All-Paca™ Fleece Hoodie by Appalachian Gear Company

When I first saw this shirt made out of Alpaca wool I pigeon holed it into the ‘lifestyle’ side of the outdoor layers spectrum. But turns out, it can handle a vigorous hike as effortlessly as ladies wine night. While a bit scratchy at first, with wear it becomes soft and fleecy. But be warned: everyone will want to know where you got it! 


4. Women's Black Spider Hoody by NW Alpine

Made with Polartec® High Efficiency Power Dry® micro grid fleece, this is a streamlined, technical, power layer that can take anything you throw its way. It’s my favorite shirt for backcountry skiing and trail running. And, I also find myself using it to curl by the fire at night.


5. Fjord Dress by Kind Apparel

This is one of those layers that feels like its a signature part of my wardrobe. Anytime I want to feel fancy on the outside but ridiculously cozy and comfortable on the inside, I reach for this fleece dress. Like the All-Paca™ Fleece Hoodie, be prepared for people to ask you (often) where you got this! 




That Fjord dress is a direct ripoff from Melanzana, btw

Jason Craft

Jason Craft

….almost $800 worth

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