Father's Day: 8 Great Gifts for Your Outdoorsy Dad!

Lloyd Vogel

Dads love outdoor gear. It's a well-established fact. Treat the papa bear in your life to a wonderful Father's Day by getting him something he'll use and rave about for years to come! While there are a lot of potential GGGear gifts for your special dude, here are some of our favorites!


1. Lean Wallet Black by Hawbuck


If your Dad's wallet is an explosion of old receipts from the 80s, bring him into the modern age with an ultralight DCF wallet from Hawbuck. Sleek and stylish, these bad boys come in black, blue, and white. 

Shop the Lean Wallet - $29.99


2. Ultralight Fanny Pack by High Tail Designs




The stereotypes are true. Dads love fanny packs. However, Dads don't need to be relegated to fanny packs that are huge, hideous, and downright embarrassing. It'll store his keys, his wallet, his phone, his AARP card, and just about anything else he needs to Dad at an exceptionally high level.

Shop the Ultralight Fanny Pack - $54.99 


3. Classic Gloves by Give'r

Nothing says a great gift for Dad like a pair of gloves with his initials! Everyone needs a good pair of hand socks, and this way he can think of you whenever he's mowing the lawn, chopping wood, walking the dog, or gardening. How special.

Shop Classic Gloves - $44.99


4. Roo Single UL Hammock by Kammok

Move over Lazy Boy recliner; this 5.6oz hammock has your Dad's relaxation and recreation needs covered. Simple to set up and easy to bring along, the UL Roo is an ultralight and ultra-awesome gift for Dad.

Shop the Roo Single Hammock - $88.99


5. Constellations Shirt by Cedarpass Creative

Most Dads could benefit from an upgraded t-shirt game, and nothing says cool dad like the Big Dipper. YES, the stars are aligned and telling you to buy this shirt.

Shop the Constellations Shirt - $23.99


6. Down Socks by Goosefeet Gear

Your Dad probably has a pretty good number of socks from previous Father's Day gifts, but does he have down socks? These wonderfully fluffy foot pillows are the ultimate in comfort, warmth, and good vibes.

Shop the Down Socks - $64.99


7. High-E Hoodie by Voormi

From actively outdoorsy to lazily lounging, nothing says comfort quite like a hoodie. Made in the USA out of Merino wool and exceptionally warm, it's pretty impossible not to like this pullover.

Shop High-E Hoodie - $228.99


8. Canyon Packraft by Supai Adventure Gear


If your Dad enjoys exploring via his own two feet, chances are he'll also love exploring high alpine lakes and mellow rivers with an ultralight packraft and paddle. Weighing just 24oz and packing down super small, give Dad's adventures a splashy twist. 

Shop Canyon Packraft - $299.99 

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