Superior Hammock Review: Built-In Insulation for Solid Sleep

Lloyd Vogel

As outdoorsy individuals continue their migration from ground sleeping to tree sleeping, the proliferation of wildly cool hammock gear continues! Hammockers are a fairly quirky, modular, and innovative community to begin with, and this creative spirit has fostered the creation of some really neat new hammocks.

The Superior Hammock by Superior Hammock is one such product! In an attempt to simplify the hammocking sleep system, Danny and his team have created an insulated hammock designed to eliminate the need for sleeping pads and under quilts.

Currently available for purchase, we've had the opportunity to test it, review it, and catch a couple z's in it!


General Impressions of the Superior Hammock:

As mentioned, the Superior Hammock is an insulated hammock designed to create an incredibly comfortable and consistent night of sleep. Basic stats:

  • 10-feet long
  • 36 ounces
  • Supports weights up to 400 pounds
  • Great for weather ranging from 30-75 degrees

The Superior Hammock has vertical baffles with 800 fill premium down. The insulation cocoons around the hammock, and there are snaps along the edges of the hammock that allow for comfort in a wide range of temperatures. Cold? Close the snaps to trap warm air in! Warm? Unsnap the insulation to allow for ventilation! 

The Pros of the Superior Hammock:

There is a lot to like about the Superior Hammock. First and foremost, the Superior Hammock is incredibly comfortable. While the details certainly matter, if your sleep system doesn't provide a comfortable night of sleep, the specifics cease to matter. A couple of things I really like:

  1. Because the insulation is built into the hammocks structure, the Superior Hammock eliminates the need to adjust your down quilt or sleeping pad. Nothing slides or slips, and the Superior Hammock just provides a consistent level of warmth and comfort to all parts of your body. You don't want to think about comfort while sleeping, you just want to experience it. The Superior Hammock certainly provides this.

  2. The snaps are pretty great. I've always enjoyed the fact that tents provide a certain sense of enclosure, and the snaps allow me to feel snug and cocooned. They are easy to snap/unsnap from inside the hammock, and I like the ability to snap my lower half, while keeping my top half unsnapped. The hammock snaps also connect to the snaps on the Superior Hammock Top Quilt, allowing for an even more comfortable and connected sleeping experience. 

  3. It's simple, straight forward, and pretty light. At 36 ounces, its not particularly bulky, and the Superior Hammock sets up in a fraction of the time of a tent or even a more traditional hammock + under quilt setup. If you are new to hammocking, the Superior Hammock is an exceptionally approachable and comfortable introduction to hammocking. If you are an experienced hammocker, you'll certainly appreciate the thoughtful functionality. 


The Cons of the Superior Hammock:

The biggest con I experienced with the Superior Hammock also happens to be my favorite feature. Since the insulation is built in (and can't be removed) the Superior Hammock isn't a go-to for hanging out casually in the park or bringing as a tag along on a tenting trip. Fortunately, Superior Hammock also created the world's lightest hammock (under 4 ounces), so they've still got you covered!

The Verdict:

It's very clear that the Superior Hammock is designed by someone who knows hammocks. It simplifies the whole sleeping process, and really allows for a comfortable and consistent night of sleep. 

It's complete enough for beginning hammockers who don't want to navigate the intimidating customizations of hammock sleeping systems, and it's modular enough for experienced hammockers who want to use their own suspension, top quilts, ridgelines, and other accessories.

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Someday I’d love to try one of these Insulated Hammocks. I live on VA Disability though and don’t know it or when I’ll be able to afford one. I wish and hope someday to find someplace that will have them to rent and try !



Hey Dormido!

You can lie diagonally in Superior Hammocks, Hummingbird Hammocks and in the OGR Hammocks we sell at GGG. Most gathered end hammocks will allow for a diagonal lie (as its optimal for sleeping), but in regards to a full sideways lie, that I’m not sure!

Dormido NL Bosque

Dormido NL Bosque

I’m looking for a hammock that I can lie diagonally or even sideways in, like the Yucatán Mayan woven hammocks, that allows you to lie nearly flat instead of only along the catenary curve. I’ve found that these hammocks are the most comfortable for me because of that. Do you know of any lightweight or ultra-lightweight manufacturer that makes such a hammock?

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