This Week in Outdoor Gear Startups: New Gear for Dogs!  

Amy Hatch

New Outdoor Gear Dogs

Welcome back to our weekly column featuring cool, new gear from outdoor startups. We spend a heck of a lot of time cruising around Kickstarter and the other interesting nooks of the web; this is where we share our best finds with you. Rather than spotlighting just one piece of gear this week, we have a theme. That’s because three dog-related new products caught our attention!


Drink&Buddy: Two beverages... one bottle! 


Drink&Buddy is a water bottle with a valve for human hydration on the top and a fold out bowl for doggie hydration on the bottom. This is one of those products that makes us think, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!” It’s so obvious that it’s brilliant.

The Drink&Buddy helps you avoid wasting precious H20. (Anyone who has tried it knows that squirting water in a dog’s mouth is only marginally effective). And, it lets your dog drink in his/her natural style. (Apparently dogs curl their tongues under when they drink).

The bottle is designed to ensure everyone’s drinking experience is hygienic. And, it fits in cup holders and bike cages. Check out Drink&Buddy on Kickstarter.  


Waggit: Wearable Health Tech for Man’s Best Friend


Waggit takes the wrist wear found in the human health care world and brings it into your dog’s collar. You can use it to track your dog’s patterns and behaviors, so you can easily identify when something is a bit off.

It admittedly feels a little ridiculous to collect data on a dog's sleep quality (if dream-induced sleep running is any indication, the black lab who hangs out here in our office is fine!). But, wow, do we wonder how much farther dogs run than us when we’re out on the mountains.

Have you ever noticed how they basically runs suicides – ya know, those back-and-forth sprints we all had to do (and hated) for high school athletics – up and down steep mountain sides? We often joke that we should do a study on this topic: “The behavioral patterns of off leash canines in subalpine environments.” With Waggit, let the research commence.

Joking aside, having just lost a beloved dog to cancer, we definitely get why many pet owners would want a device that helps them detect health issues as early as possible. Waggit does just that. Check it out on Kickstarter.


Kurgo Skipping Stones

New Outdoor Dog Gear

Kurgo’s Skipping Stones is a floatable dog toy with a twist. Shaped like real stones, you can use them to practice your best wrist flick ... while simultaneously allowing your dog to continue forth with that beloved and tireless game called fetch.

Kurgo says that Skipping Stones are dishwasher safe, super durable and float well even after getting chewed. Canine stocking stuffer? (Because, at least at our house, Santa hooks up the four leggeds too.) They’re available on Kurgo’s website and through various other retailers.



Love dogs and dog gear? Be sure to check out the Dog Gear Collection in Garage Grown Gear’s online store! We especially love and recommend the Rad Dog Release N’ Run – a collar with a built-in retractable leash, designed for the mostly off-leash dog. Also, know of a cool, new piece of outdoor gear we should feature in this column? Shout us an e-mail at



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