Flowfold review: the uber cool sailcloth wallet upping my EDC

Chris Jensen
Sailcloth Wallet Flowfold Review

My wife would have no idea what Every Day Carry means, let alone EDC. I think it’s a guy thing. At least that's what the thousands of EDC videos on You Tube and the hashtag mayhem on Instagram would suggest.

I have to admit while I take pride in my things and like to have efficient items with me, I never thought much about my EDC. But when I got the chance to take a brand new Flowfold sailcloth wallet for a test drive, and it happened to match my phone and favorite EDC tool, I was pretty excited.  (It didn't hurt that I went from borrowing my son's Disney Cars wallet to the shiny new Flowfold wallet.)

The Flowfold model I’ve been testing is the original Vangaurd in Black.  Not much to dislike here.  It’s USA made, has a lifetime warranty, comes in 7 different colors and only costs $25. Also, it’s so light it actually floats. Pretty impressive.

Flowfold wallets are made with DiamondFiber, a material made with Kevlar or carbon fibers that revolutionized sailing. Flowfold carefully selects scrap, blemish, and discontinued sailcloth for its wallets, helping to keep waste out of landfills.

Sailcloth Wallet Flowfold Review

The small Maine company offers several options, from the Minimalist to the Navigator, designed for the person who needs to carry their passport.

The bottom line: I’ve had my Flowfold wallet for several months now and it shows no signs of wear. It's not much an exaggeration to say I believe it will outlive me. It comfortably holds all my bills, fishing license, credit cards, bank cards, and even a small credit card sized multi tool. I just counted and I have 10 cards in there including the multi-tool card.

Sailcloth Wallet Flowfold Review

Flowfold wallet pros:

  • Lightweight yet super durable
  • Cool modern look and colors
  • Made in Maine, USA
  • Made from DiamondFiber created with Kevlar or carbon fibers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pricing is fair


Flowfold wallet cons:

  • Can’t say I’ve found one yet, although the sailcloth wallet look may not be for everyone.



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